The Best and Worst Trends of 2016

No matter how much I stand by the idea of a minimalistic wardrobe, I still can’t help but buy one or two trendy pieces every season. When I want to spend minimally on clothes despite the temptation to shake things up with my basics, the easiest way to go about it is to pick a trend or two that I adore most. I tend to go for trends that can eventually turn into classics or something that I can foresee myself wearing after the season is long gone. I spoke briefly earlier this week that I will be writing up the best … Continue reading The Best and Worst Trends of 2016

3 Trends & Outfits to Try for Winter 2016

How to Wear These Trends   Turtleneck Sweater Outfit by juelue featuring pastel pumps Oversized Turtleneck Sweater – Clean, Comfortable, and Cozy This piece can both work for college students or the working woman who has to look presentable to clients at all times. For the campus girl, pair with black ankle-cut zippered jeans and sneakers. For more petite college girls, to avoid drowning in oversized fabric, tuck in the front of the sweater for a more defined hip. For the working woman, pair with a black pencil skirt. Also, you’d want to be mindful to choose a more fitted … Continue reading 3 Trends & Outfits to Try for Winter 2016