Quick Tip: How to Wear Summer Dresses in the Fall and Winter


The seasons spring and summer are just like what they’re called. They simply spring off and shimmer away. They come as quickly (and gets us excited) as they bounce off. When I was younger, summer was my favorite season, not because I love the heat here in SoCal, but it’s a great excuse to wear my favorite cami tanks and dresses. And let’s face it, pretend to look sexy in them (*shies away).

However, unlike our timeless classic T-shirts and jeans that can we worn year round, I’ve always struggled incorporating my summer dresses into my fall, and especially my winter wardrobe. Therefore, I never did. And it’s not like SoCal is even that cold during the winter season.

Wearing a long-sleeve fitted (cropped) top underneath the cami dress is an easy and super adorable way to style a summer dress for the fall. For the winter, add another layer of jacket. Since we associate winter with darker colors like black, brown, burgundy, and occasionally orange, I find this trick works best with dark-colored summer dresses. I prefer black and navy as the base color of my dresses anyway so the color transition is seamless. But if you are good with color coordination, you would be able to make other colors work as well.

But beware, while blue and yellow are a popular color blocking technique, a blue cami dress and yellow shirt can easily make you walk off like a minion. šŸ˜‰ And we don’t want that unlessĀ that’s your intention.

To top it off the fall and winter, I would pair it with over-the-knee boots, ankle boots, or all white sneakers.



What do you think?

Layering a long-sleeve over a tank dress is similar to the how we would wear overalls, but we usually do it with a T-shirt underneath instead. Is this style something you would already do for the colder seasons?


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