First Impressions of the Cast: Blue Veins (TVB, 2016)


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I had expectations for this and after five episodes, it didn’t disappoint! Although it’s a bit unfortunate that Kevin Cheng is the only big name here, it feels awesome to watch a refreshing young cast where I haven’t even heard of half of them. While I can understand why some people are against Kay’s acting because she is quite flat in her portrayal, she is still the lead actress and Kevin is an experienced actor. Kay’s acting is neither as bad as they say it is nor inspiring.

My bigger concern is that she doesn’t have enough chemistry with Kevin even though she should be head over heels for him given that it was love at first sight.

As for the supporting cast, I’m quite impressed with the new faces that there’s no time or room left to critique anyone. For those of you who finds Grace Chan’s screaming annoying, well guess what? TVB answered your prayers and she is a mute here. But don’t get too comfortable because the doctor says her condition is psychological and might be only temporary. I hope her being mute won’t interfere with the character because since appearing in episode 3, she hasn’t made a mark yet. But hey, it’s only three episodes.

So far, Luk Wing has been such a pleasant surprise and he seems naturally comedic with his lines and despite having an indecisive character, he’s more humorous than annoying — which usually doesn’t happen if the character as that “indecisive” trait in him. One memorable highlight scene is when he and Kay stumbles upon Kevin’s restaurant and the waitress says, “There is no menu. Here, everyone eats whatever our boss makes.” Kay’s disappointed response, “Huh, we can’t choose?” (Foodie much?) But Luk perks up with a, “We don’t have to choose?!”

Winki Lai, Anjayalia Chan, and Wong You Nam rounds off the young, new faces. Winki’s red hair is a statement in itself and her outspoken and sense of adventure is unmatched. Some netizens don’t seem to like her though and I can see why: she is a bit too unconventional for some. Anjayalia is perky and the way she carries her archery equipment around like it’s back in the days makes her even more cute.

I’ve watched other vampire-centric shows like ATV’s famous My Date With a Vampire installments and six full seasons of the American show, The Vampire Diaries, but I have no intention of comparing these simply because those are already established cult favorites. And we all know TVB’s game isn’t always the strongest, especially in the sci-fi and supernatural genre.

It has an engaging enough storyline and most of Kevin’s flashbacks are appreciated. I don’t really care for his fights with Joel Chan per say. What makes it stand out among it’s fellow TVB series is the filming style. I secretly really dig that dimmed and cold feeling the series has (If you are an avid Instagrammer, think the photoshop app, VSCO), especially each time Kevin appears. Yet when the cast was filming in beautiful Holland, Netherlands they had no problem making the scenes sunny and happy. Guess what, that’s where Kay fell in love with Kevin initially.

It’s interesting that with a vampire-focused storyline, there is no shortage of humor, romance, fangirling, alluring filming destinations, and street style looks (expect a fashion post coming soon). I’m not saying this is the best TVB series ever, but it’s off to a good start!

That said, I do feel that the main driver for me, isn’t the storyline, but Kevin, the actor. At least, this time it is.

Kevin Cheng – Ying Wuet Tseuk


Occupation: Chef, Undead superhuman

Skills: Can use a peanut and give it the strength of a bullet

Personality: Mysterious, observant, well-versed in martial arts, quietly confident, brave and fierce

Background: Being 535 years-old, this guy definitely stood the test of time and have lived immortally for hundreds of years. After participating in The Great Vampire War, he and his gang became immortals. He is constantly hunting down Lam Fung, a zombie.

Although he cross paths with Ah Mung, he only quietly cares for her. He maintains a distance to much of her desperation and disappointment. In modern-day Hong Kong, he is a chef with many female fans. He uses his intensified feelings to whip up a dish that suits each customers’ feelings — and gets it right each time.

Kay Tse – Lam Mung Nam (Ah Mung)


Occupation: Modern-day forensic scientist in the process of discovering her sealed away vampirism

Skills: Can revive the dead for one minute

Personality: Humorous, down-to-earth, kind-hearted, protective of her family

Background: Although even unknown to herself that she’s also a vampire, she functions much like the modern-day women enjoys a romantic love and buying designer fashion brands. Since her family consists of her grandma (Law Lan) and sister, she loves, values, and is over-protective of the latter very much.

She first met Ying in Holland and fell for him after he rescued her and recaptured her stolen purse. Although her heightened emotions, preference for almost a raw steak while dining with her sister, and slamming her apprentice across the room whilst at work, she will gradually remember her past…

Grace Chan – Yoyo Lam Yiu Yiu


Occupation: (Exchange) Student

Personality: mute, kind-hearted, curious, happy-go-lucky

Background: At the start of the series, she came back as an exchange student from Holland, Netherlands. She is the younger sister of Ah Mung, who is over-protective of her because following the witness of their parents’ death, she became a mute. Despite this, Yoyo’s personality is very positive, upbeat, and curious.

Upon arriving back in Hong Kong, she becomes close friends with Ho Yuet.

Winki Lai – Kau Ling Mei


Occupation: Student, Blogger

Personality: Straightforward, spontaneous, adventurous, can be insensitive to others’ feelings, sometimes superstitious, can be deceiving

Background: She is the most fearless of her friends as expressed by her redhead. As an online blogger, she is frequently engaged in quarrels and challenges that leads her all the way to Holland in pursuit of a supernatural story and ring. Her spirit for adventure and to discover anything supernatural is unmatched. Even though her friends try to be down for anything she does, she keeps secrets from them and engages in some less than honest dealings. Still, she means good most of the time.

Anjayalia Chan – Ho Yuet

blue-veins-tvb-2016-Anjayalia Chan

Occupation: Student

Skills: Archery, martial arts
Personality: Righteous, sweet, perky, stands up for what’s right even if it’s going against her best friend

Background: She is usually the mediator between her friend, Ah Ling and her brother. She is also a martial arts student, but is known for her archery. Yet, she also has her own beliefs and what’s right and wrong and is not afraid to flip the tables when Ah Ling is too deceiving.

Wong You Nam – Ho Lin


Occupation: Writer

Personality: Impulsive, lazy, argumentative, puts on a stronger front with a weaker interior

Background: He is Ho Yuet’s older brother and although he tries his best to look after her, the girls are usually more fearless than he is. Still, he goes along with the crowd. He tends to be biased and immature.

Luk Wing – Kin Ting Sze (C Kwan)


Occupation: Forensic scientist-in-training

Personality: Indecisive, humorous, righteous, responsible

Background: He is proficient in martial arts and a forensic scientist in training under Ah Mung. Although he was previously gifted away when his sifu lost in a duel to his enemy, he was shocked and beyond happy that his sifu only gave him away because he was determined and more responsible than another disciple, Ho Lin.

At work, he often finds himself too indecisive in even the smallest matters like choosing what to eat for breakfast. Therefore, he loves situations where there are no options, including going to Ying’s restaurant — because the chef makes the decision for him.

Joel Chan – Lam Fung


Occupation: Zombie

Personality: Treacherous

Background: Not much of him is known yet, but he and Ying are constantly after each other and destroying the city in the aftermath.


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