2 Money-Saving Fashion Hacks to Try for Fun (Or for Real)


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Hack #1: Get the Illusion of Wearing Over-the-Knee Boots

I love the look and idea of over-the-knee boots, especially when worn with a loose sweater dress or thin floral swing dress. That small peek of skin is beyond cute. Yet I can’t reconcile the fact that I will probably only reach for this pair of boots a few times and it’ll eventually get stashed away in my closet. As I’ve mentioned before, I dislike tight clothing and this applies to shoe wear as well.

Over-the-knee Boots - Fashion Hack

Products: OTK Boots, Socks, Ankle Bootie

One way to go around this is to combine two pieces that you may or may not already have in your closet. Black over-the-knee socks and black ankle booties (leather or suede) will do the visual trick. While I can’t imagine any girl not having a pair of black ankle bootie in their closet, you can get a pair of high socks for as low as $3 at Target. This pair with ribbons is from ASOS is ultra cute, especially if you’re pairing it with a floral dress.

You can maximize the cost-per-wear of your ankle bootie and save at least $40 on a pair of over-the-knee boots, but still get to see how the trend looks on you. After all, ankle booties can be worn year round, but OTK boots are only a winter thing.

Hack #2: Doubling-up Basics to Make It Look Like a Shift Dress

When I mentioned that I don’t like tight clothing, I wasn’t joking. That’s because I like loose and comfortable clothing and this probably comes with being a foodie. Nothing like tight clothing that constantly reminds you you’ve eaten too much along the way. While everyone is up and on the defined bodycon look, I find that I get more wear out of my shift and swing dresses because they are so casual, comfortable, and your next best friend after a pair of jeans.

Shift Dress - Fashion Hack

Products: Oversized Tee, Drapey Shorts

This is my outfit when I go from lazy, lounge mode to quick errand runs. Again, this not only maximize your cost-per-wear for each piece, but this also saves time because you won’t have to change in and out of your pjs and everyday outfit.

I’m most likely lounging in soft tees and drapey shorts at home. When these two basic pieces are combined, they create the illusion of a shift dress. In order for the basic tee to work as a dress, get it 2-3 sizes larger than your usual size. Drapey shorts should be soft, loose, and feels like your next layer of skin. Before you run out the door, accessorize with a light scarf or statement necklace to spice up the look.

For soft and drapey tees, I’ve been a shopper of AE’s Soft and Sexy line for more than a year now.

What do you think?

Would you try these? Are you a fan of the shift dress or over the knee boots trend?


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