3 Dresses to Instantly Awaken Your Spring and Summer in 2016


One reason why I love the spring and summer other than finding an excuse to bust out the cropped tops for more skin-revealing silhouettes is that spring is often a signage of new beginnings. This means if you kinda screwed up in whatever you did during the winter (or maybe you did not), now is the chance to re-define your year before 2017 comes along.

And there are styles to launch this initiation, so let’s get to it!

Bernice Liu: Off-the-Shoulder x Cropped x Red


Every element of Bernice’s ensemble is love at first sight for me! Who doesn’t love a cropped top and even better yet, one that’s worn off-the-shoulder? I previously mentioned that neutral colors are the best way to experiment with a trend and Bernice’s style really builds on that philosophy. A red asymmetrical mini-pleated maxi skirt is an instant shocker while pointy-toed heels are as classy as you can get.

I love how low-maintenance yet dressy Bernice’s versatile look is. Look no further for a day and night look. It composes of all the elements of simplicity, classy, but with an easy flair. Enough said.

Bernice’s Inspired Look

Bernice Liu - Red Pleated Maxi

Products: Top, Skirt, Heels, Necklace

Nancy Wu: Yellow Is the New BlackNancyWu_YellowMaxi

Back in the days, only Emperors get to wear yellow. Nancy brings this tradition to modern-day HK as the new TV Queen and with her master-servant relationship with Wayne Lai in the TV drama, Short End of the Stick, she had every reason to make this work. Her silk-blend jersey yellow dress was by Rachel Zoe. The bright maxi consisted of mini pleated details and a braided cross-back that the actress wasn’t afraid to show off.

Either way, it’s neither the bright yellow or the dress that makes her look outstanding, but the assertive confidence that she projects these days that makes any style rock.

Nancy’s Inspired Look

Rachel Kan: Everything Boho!


When was the last time you wore something that wasn’t like hiding behind a back burner? Rachel went all out in her long-sleeve floral chiffon maxi. It’s a statement piece in itself and screams Bohemian, which is not often seen on many HK-based stars. Still, she made the right choice to cinch her waist with a belt otherwise she can easily drown on all that flowy fabric.

Rachel’s Inspired Look

Rachel Kan - Floral Long-sleeve Chiffon Maxi

Products: Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3, Belt

H&M has some super affordable long-sleeve kimono-like floral maxis that makes it easy to form a statement while not feeling guilty about breaking the bank.

What do you think?

Who is your spring and summer inspiration?


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