Angelebaby in Georges Hobeika: Cinderella’s Gown Comes to Real Life


It’s been at least half a year since Angelababy’s grand princess wedding, but if there is any Chinese actress who dresses like it’s a big day everyday besides Fan Bing Bing, it’s her. Angelababy appeared for a red carpet event in a light blue satin flared gown by Georges Hobeika’s Couture Spring Summer 2016 collection. The serenity blue trend is one of the hottest — or “coolest” seems to more accurately describe the color blue — of the season!

The deep plunging neckline was perhaps the best balance to the more conservative shoulder capped sleeves. Surprised with the delicately made diamond-back? Don’t be as every piece Angelababy sports carries an element of surprise. If there is anything that matches the dress, it was a loose braided bun with loose strands of hair that framed her face. The ombre orange lip tint is also the only spark of color that stands out among that sea of fabric.



What do you think?

Will you be sporting the serenity blue trend in your loose dresses this spring and summer?


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