Red Carpet: 35th Hong Kong Film Awards 2016


I’m don’t catch every HK film that comes out, but I am waiting to watch The Monkey King 2 movie. One reason I do look forward to the HK Film Awards’s red carpet is that it’s female stars do carry more red-carpet worthy dresses as these faces who appears on the big screens are more likely to attract more fashionable sponsors. At the end, this year seemed to average out with a few daringly sultry looks and other glamorous ones, but still too many uninspiring choices.

Best Dressed – Kathy Chow


As a top model in Hong Kong, I’m not sure if this is considering cheating, but she is already a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to both her choice of attire and body. Kathy appeared in a glamorous nude body-conscious gown with shiny platform heels. There is definitely no hiding in this Stello dress.

Her seemingly shiny brown hair almost seemed too deliberate for her dress, but her red lip was the right amount of color to balance out the nude gown.

Janice Man


Janice’s choice was definitely the most daringly sultry with an almost bare back and an asymmetrical side slit that revealed almost her entire right leg! Since she prefers everything strappy it seems, she choose a pair of gladiator-like black heels with gold details that oozed just as much sexiness as her dress.

I absolutely love the simple makeup, large earrings, and long wavy hair that had the ability to seemingly whisk away an sexual offenders that might have been enticed by her choice of attire.

Sisley Choi


Aside from the poofy hair that aged her slightly, Sisley appeared in a sheer drapey gown with yellow flowers splattered all over. The WeCouture gown was a step up from Sisley’s normally plain fashion game, but she still has a long way to go to define her personal style.

I loved this gown on it’s own and Sisley’s athletic body carried it well. The yellow florals for spring makes me extra happy if you can’t tell from behind the computer!

Vivian Sung


Vivian’s cute smile and persona deserved so much more than the dress she wore. The sequins top was naturally appropriate for a red carpet event, but the crinkled peach ruffles were unnecessarily outdated, not to mention so much work to carry around all night for so little compliments.

Angie Chiu


At 61 years old, not many people can afford to look as elegant and classy as Angie. Extra kudos to her for choosing a girly baby pink color! I love the halter neck style this season though the dress was too plain. Simplicity is beautiful on timeless beauties and elegant woman, however.

Carina Lau


I love how Carina is always elaborately dressed for red carpet events — and even when it’s unnecessary, her outfits can still be humorous like this one. This year she appeared in a faded blue feather gown with a noticeable leg-slit. She paired it with matching silver Louboutin pumps.

The cami style is a bit too revealing not to mention nothing about the gown is trendy or flattering. Carina has the body to carry most styles and I can only say that if this was on another star, it can be even worse.

Elaine Jin & Aaron Kwok


Elaine who won Best Supporting Actress that night appeared classically simple. I loved her ensemble, especially the super flared navy maxi skirt with platform heels, but it’s a bit too plain for a red carpet event.

Miriam Yeung


Miriam who was almost jet set to win Best Actress that night was outrun by newcomer actress, Jessie Li. If there’s anything else that’s for sure, it’s her elegant lace gold attire that turned heads. I especially love the mini flared sleeves.



JArie’s space-inspired navy gown had much more potential if she didn’t choose to camouflage with the men in black tux. The flared gown is super classy and mysterious despite her silly antics on the red carpet.

Michelle Wai


It’s hard to go wrong with Michelle’s navy V-neck gown by Luisa Beccaria though her pose made her seemed more pregnant than she really is.

Poyd Treechada


Poyd always shakes up the red carpet in her extravagant gowns and this time she stormed it in an all white flared gown by Ashi Studio. Her snow queen outfit was greeted with a smile before the cameras, fortunately.

Jessie Li


For someone who took home Best Actress, you’ll wonder if it’s her silliness or optimism that guaranteed her win. It’s hard to find compliments for her strapless, shapeless, and abstract colorful dress. The peeking chiffon, feather sandal heels, and long wavy hair are all too random and in no way elevate the overall look.

What do you think?

Who was your favorite last night? Least favorite?


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