Fashion Flop: Kara Hui, Coco Lee, Janice Man


In life, sometimes we win some and sometimes we lose some. In the world of styling, it’s always important to experiment and even if it fails, tomorrow is a brand new day to take another shot at it. That said, AF brings back the second week of the new feature, Fashion Flop. This week we feature Kara Hui (惠英紅), who has been MIA from our TVB life for a while, Coco Lee (李玟), and Janice Man (文詠珊).

Kara Hui’s Watermelon Pink Suit


Kara’s strength and confidence can noticeably make a Jolly Rancher-like (think specifically the watermelon flavor) 😉 bright pink suit slightly better, but the watermelon pink and deep green blouse can be easily too much. While she looks great in her red lip and straight hair, there are certain classics that are best worn in it’s appropriate colors — even if it means neutrals can get boring.

Coco Lee’s Plaid Jumpsuit


Hong Kong-born American singer, Coco Lee appeared in the limelight again and while always oozing in confidence, her black, red, and white plaid jumpsuit appeared like she was ready for bed. The pairing of shiny gold high-top sneakers is also another random addition that does nothing to elevate the outfit. Statement pieces are only statement pieces if they automatically elevate one’s look effortlessly.

I’ve previous mentioned that jumpsuits are tricky to wear and my pick would to be on the safe side. I also tend to have an affinity for jumpsuits with a flared cut rather than ankle-cuffed lengths.

Janice Man’s Pop of Red Accents


Model Janice was spotted at the 40th Hong Kong International Film Festival in an all black outfit with red accepts including the trending red thick fabric choker, revealing sequins bra top by Dries Van Noten, and sandal heels by Jimmy Choo. Contrasting with some Lane Crawford super flared black satin pants that appeared ultra comfortable and a sheer bodysuit by Wolford Fashion, Janice proves that even a fully designer-styled outfit can be distasteful if not thoughtfully put together.

The red sequins bra top may have appeared okay if she opted for everything else neutral. The bra top over a sheer blouse is a bit risky, but in a good way. The bra’s texture also looks too overwhelming for the thin bodysuit. Personally, I love the trending thick fabric choker that has been made popular by many American celebrities, including Kendal Jenner, but it only appears sleek and sophisticated in black — fine, and maybe white.

What do you think?

Do you think otherwise? Would you have styled these pieces differently?


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