How I Calculate Cost-Per-Wear to Get the Most Out of My Wardrobe


Have you ever wanted to know if you got the bang for you buck on a particular piece on your wardrobe? We may not think twice when making the decision to buy a pair of jeans that we’ll wear everyday, but when it comes to more occasional pieces and designer handbags this becomes more interesting and fun.

The Stylebook app assists us in planning our weekly/monthly wardrobe, organizing our virtual closet (and giving us a total value of our wardrobe), but most importantly, it calculates the cost-per-wear of each piece. With these statistics, you get a better picture of which pieces you gravitate most in your wardrobe. Knowing which pieces you wear the least will help you reflect on why you bought it, but didn’t get as much use out of them.

Name: Stylebook

Price: $3.99

Available for: iPad and iPhone


Who’s This For?

  1. Budget fashionistas and price-conscious shoppers.
  2. Data geeks.
  3. Organized freaks.
  4. Anyone else who loves when fashion meets technology and is bored atm.

If this sounds like you, read on!

How to Get Started

1. Take photos of each piece in your wardrobe. I’m not going to lie, but this is the most tedious task of the entire process and I still haven’t finished photographing my wardrobe yet. Also, if you find yourself hating this process, it means you have too much clothes (Time for some spring cleaning, donations, or sales on eBay, hint hint). Anyway, the key is to start with this season’s clothes so you can immediately start calculating cost-per-wear and have it in your calendar. But like most things in life, everything has to get worse before it gets better.

2. Add details such as color, fabric, size, season, brand, and price for each piece. From my experience, adding color and price is the most critical. It will give me an overview  of what colors are most popular in my wardrobe. Black and white dominates more than half of my wardrobe lol, surprised after reading my blog for a few months? I think not. Price will help you calculate cost-per-wear, which is the biggest reason I use this app. You’ll know what I mean if you read on.

3. Add the pieces you’ve worn that day to your Calendar. It will only take 30 seconds to add your outfit of the day to your Calendar. Repeat this process daily.



My Favorite Features

1. Cost-per-wear. This is the number one reason I purchased this app because it’s impossible and too time-consuming to do this for all your wardrobe pieces without having built-in algorithms to do the work for you.

To calculate cost-per-wear, you need to know the following: 1) the price of the piece and 2) how many days/times you wore that piece. While the price remains static no matter how many times you wear the item, the number of times you wear is a moving part. This is where the app comes in and makes your life easy!

2. Best Value and Most Worn. After documenting all the pieces you worn as you go along, it will tell you two important values: 1) the piece that’s most worn this month and 2) the piece that had the best value this month.

This can lead you to these insights: 1) “I’ve been wearing jeans everyday, I really need to get my money’s worth on that dress before the month ends!” 2) “Oh I guess I really love these basic tees from Zara, I’ll remember to get a tee in every color the next time I step foot in that store.”

3. Customize your virtual closet the way you want! It comes with basic categories (e.g., tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.) and sub-categorizes when you download the app, but how you would like to organize your virtual closet is completely up to you. You can add up to as many categories and sub-categorizes as you want. For example, I created “Intimates” because I wanted to organize my bras, bralettes, and sports bras separately.

You’ll love it when your virtual closet is more organized than your one in reality. 😉

4. Have your inspirational looks from all over the web all at one place. I use to keep a folder of style inspiration on my laptop which I would sync to my iPhone. Following that, I used Pinterest, but I realized Pinterest is more friendly for iPads than for mini iPhones. Well, Stylebook has it’s own section for inspirational looks where you can add looks from either your iPhone camera or photo album, including style inspirations you like on AF!

5. Create new looks for various occasions. I’d admit I haven’t jumped on this yet, but it allows you to play with whatever you have in your closest on the app. Think of it as a virtual fashion playground. Creating new looks is especially fun if you are playing around with trendy pieces for the new season. You can even organize these looks based on whether you’ll wear them to work, evening out, vacation, or formal dinners.

6. Learn more about yourself. You’re bound to learn a bit more about yourself after this. It will help you make smarter decisions the next time you go shopping. Have you ever bought something that you loved in stores, only to realize a year or two down the road that you’ve only worn it once, or God-forbid, not even once? Well, data doesn’t lie and if you haven’t worn the piece at all, there is no reason to be in denial and make the same willful shopping mistakes again.

Or it’s simply a nice way to see how your style evolves throughout the years. When you look back and be like, “Wow, this was my style in 2016? What was I thinking?”

My Goals from Using Stylebook

1. See the cost-per-wear of my basic and classic pieces go down to only a few cents per wear!

2. Based on that cost-per-wear, estimate and ballpark how likely I’m to wear similar pieces. That’s how much I will (not) splurge on a similar piece when I’m shopping in the future.

3. Easily keep track of the total value of my wardrobe from one place, the total number of items I have in my wardrobe, and most and least worn pieces I own.

What do you think?

I don’t normally spend money in the app store. I’ve probably only purchased two-three $.99 items over the course of five years. It’s my first time splurging (not really lol) on an app and I haven’t regretted it one bit.

Of course, there’s a lot more you can do with the app such as planning out your outfits for weeks to come using the Calendar feature. For me, I like to grab whatever I feel like every morning and then Calendar it in at the end of the day. This is because I like to dress according to my mood and sometimes the occasion, but planning weeks ahead is simply too un-spontaneous when it comes to something creative and fun like fashion.

Will you hop on this app? If you have already been using it, how has it changed the way you shop and play with fashion?


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