Who’s Next?! The Next Generation of TVB Fadans (Part 2)


This is Part Two to the series Who’s Next?! The Next Generation of TVB Fadans. Don’t forget to read Part One!

Aimee Chan to Grace Chan


The reasons that always made Aimee and Grace’s celebrity personalities stand out where never their performances to begin with, but how they radiate confidence, positivity, faith, and passion in what they do. I suppose these personalities are always popular with management, especially when you’re at entry-level status.

Even though Aimee, like Kate and Fala, never achieved Best Actress status, unlike the other two, I never missed her when she stepped off the screen. I wasn’t thankful, but just indifferent. I know she said she’s interested in coming back to acting after giving birth, but really, I’m out with the old and on with the new — not to mention Grace is much more likable than Aimee.

It’s a bit sad that I don’t remember Aimee by any specific role, but more for the girl whose character always struggled with Cantonese. Yep, TVB almost always wrote that into her character. I’m much bigger fan of ancient adventure dramas and the fact that Grace was in Captain of Destiny really put her in the front of the line. Her upcoming Blue Veins also looks promising.

Linda Chung to Priscilla Wong


Since their debut, both Linda and Priscilla has been carrying the girl-next-door roles in rom coms. Both women has a down-to-earth and approachable vibe, but this can mean they are easily typecasted in the same roles again and again. Linda has brought to us a different side of hers in some of her works like A Watchdog’s Tale, where she is more outspoken, tomboy, and loud. Likewise, Priscilla stood out in Madam Cutie as a pretend sassy housewife.

I like Linda at her best and found her boring at her worst — and except for her fashion taste, she carries that graceful and good-girl demeanor that’s impossible to dislike. However, I’m absolutely ready for Priscilla to take on the reigns as she seems to be a much more fun and playful in real life. This also makes her performances more realistic, relaxing, and natural to watch.

Fala Chen to Eliza Sam


There is something instantly likable about both Fala and Eliza and it’s because they’re naturally charismatic. Even though at the end of Fala’s TVB career, there are still both praises and criticisms for Fala’s works, one thing for sure is she is still popular among advertisers, brands, and sponsors. It can be her naturally welcoming smile, but both Fala and Eliza carries a positive demeanor that makes you love them. Not only did both actresses hail from the Miss Chinese International pageant, but they are both memorable for who they are and what they stand for more than what they produce.

Fala and Eliza’s versatility is further challenged when both of them can carry a cutesy role as much as they can carry a seductive one.

What do you think?

From the top of my head, that leaves Rosina Lam and Sisley Choi the oddball. I’ve always thought Sisley is too plain for a lead actress. She joined TVB at a time where they’re promoting new faces, but she simply doesn’t carry the charm that Grace at least has. Her athletic image is arguably better than nothing, but that image hasn’t lead her anywhere in the TV realm.

Quite honestly, Rosina was never pretty enough to lead a series, but she really won me over in Short End of the Stick, where oddly, she’s not suppose to be feminine or pretty, but rude and manly. Lol. Being the oddball can either be very beneficial to her because she’ll be able to play a variety of roles without being typecasted, or she’ll simply be forgotten because she isn’t an official fadan.

Nancy was never an official leading actress, but with persistence and time, she won Best Actress while Linda, Kate, and Fala never received that title. That’s why, there are surprises in the entertainment industry everyday! 😉

Who is your pick for the next top 5?


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