Links I Love: Month of March 2016

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There is something beautiful within the struggle of building the life you want. The GIF’s from Bustle is so on point, especially the dramatic one of Nina Dobrev, “I can’t blame anyone else anymore…”

Also from Bustle, in case you wanted to see a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to achieve the straight Korean eyebrow. Many HK stars also love it though I still gravitate towards an arch brow more.

Agreed to every single one of these points about the habits of toxic people. Sometimes sarcasm is a double-edged sword that can be a sign of wit or just hidden bitterness. If you meet any of these types of people, run!

The Korean version of the popular Bu Bu Jing Xin is in the making and slated to air in September 2016. I started a couple episodes of the Chinese version and wondered why I didn’t give the series a chance way earlier!

Creative or geeky? A periodic table for fashionistas!

This article is so on point on adapting to change and why you should to grow as a person. It’s the brave souls that bring you extraordinary experiences.

Well, after the ramen burger is another invention inspired by your favorite Japanese food: the sushi burger!


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