What’s Up with Kate Tsui in 2016? She’s on Social Media!


Every actress who leaves TVB somewhat leaves the spotlight due to TVB’s great marketing and PR efforts despite the long, tiring, and inhumane working hours. Ever since Kate Tsui made the decision not to renew her contract, I knew we wouldn’t see much of her as she slowly fades into the background to work on her jewelry business. While roaming on Instagram yesterday, guess what I found?

Although I’m two months late to finding out (her first IG post was on January 27, 2016), but Kate had singed up for an Instagram, expanded to both Weibo and even starting making YouTube videos for her fans so we can all get to know a little bit more about her! She created a hashtag for her YouTube videos, #AskKateTsui, where fans can send in questions and she will answer them, perhaps on a monthly basis. I’m a huge fan of these videos for the same reason the celebrities make them and just as I’m typing this, I’m watching Shay Mitchell’s Q&A for the month of March.

Kate has always been one, if not the only, of the leading fadan actresses who never had a Weibo, or any social media account at all. You’ll wonder if it’s time that’s not allowing her to do it, or she simply doesn’t care for the extra visibility. But thanks to social media and self-promotion, we can all stay in touch with Kate as she updates us with what’s happening in her life. Quite the contrary to her image of a sexy and tough girl, her IG has more cute photos with classic Asian poses more than anything else. 😮

Don’t forget to click on the links to follow her!


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