5 Street Style Pieces to Blend in Like a Local Girl in Hong Kong


I love roaming the streets of Causeway Bay and Mong Kok in Hong Kong and because in one of the most densely populated areas in the world, one thing is for sure: you’re bound to run into everyone and find some street styles that will turn heads. But at the fast pace that HK people move, there is no guarantee that when you turn around, the same person is still next to you. One time, I stopped to take a photo, turned around and lost my friend for the rest of the night. True story.

There’s that added benefit when you can travel like a local and blend in like a chameleon. For one, you will be less likely to be jipped by small vendors and merchants because it appears that you know your way around the place. It shows how open-minded and willing you are to immerse into another culture. And if it’s something that fits into your personal style, is affordable, and pretty, why not?

Wool Winter Coat

Wool Coat_AsianGirls

If there is one piece that women in Hong Kong swear by, it’s the long wool coat for winters. A spin around Downtown in the states will garner a ton of girls in different versions of the utility or army jacket, anoraks, the occasional bomber jacket, or God forbid, the unfashionable puffer jacket as your street style outfits. In HK, many women are influenced by the Korean wave from it’s K-pop stars and a solid-color statement peacoat is a winter must-have. Geographically, HK is also closer to Korea so news and trends travel quicker perhaps.

They seem to be more open to wearing colors and these peacoats can range from a variety of colors and patterns from a neutral, simple black to a beautiful muted pink, reminding you of the Japanese cherry blossoms. Women tend to like to wear this unbuttoned for that effortless look — and it really works! This piece also effortlessly and warmly dresses you up for the cold winter days while keeping the rest of the outfit simple.

Winter Coats

Products: Top – 123 | Bottom 123

The Sneaker

Sneakers Set

Products: Row 1 – One, Two Row 2 – One, Two – Row 3 – One, Two

If there is one piece that can top the winter coat, it’s the sneaker. It should be no surprise because it’s comfortable for all those times walking up and down the metro and getting from one side of the city to the other. Cars are frequent, but since space very contained, your legs are most people’s primary mode of transportation. So when we invest that Lexus, they invest in that pair of sneaker.

Because the all-white sneaker trend is on full fire right now, it has extended all the way to Asia. When I said effortlessly chic earlier, peacoats with white sneakers are a match made in heaven if simplicity and comfort is part of your lifestyle philosophy. Among these sneakers, Nike, Adidasand New Balance (although I’m really shocked by the last one) appear to be the most common brands.

Skater Skirt


For the most part, women in HK wear jeans on a daily basis, but there is still a large portion who loves the cute skater skirt style with semi-sheer black tights and flats. Americans like to wear this piece while showing their bare legs, but Asian girls like that sheer tight underneath that gives a seductive flair.

I’ve always believed that skater skirts are the most flattering on children and being on the petite side, Asians do have an advantage when it comes to wearing this style.

Skater Skirts Set

Products: Top – 1, 2, 3  Bottom – 1, 2, 3

Statement Bow Flats

Bow Flats Set

Products: Top – 1, 2, 3   Bottom – 1, 2, 3

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with flats because I’ve never found a quality pair where comfort met pricing. Besides sneakers and heels for girls who work in the more upscale side of HK, statement bow flats are commonly seen with black tights, skirts, and a coat. While the piece is cute by itself, it’s less comfortable than sneakers and not as classy as heels.

Mini Crossbody Bags

Mini Crossbody Bags Set

Products: Top: 1, 2, 3   Bottom: 1, 2, 3

Mini crossbodies are super adorable, especially when you see them hang on the girl’s hip while her arms are stuffed warmly in her pockets or when she is casually talking on the phone. And I’m not talking about medium-sized crossbodies where you can fit a ton of stuff in either. There is some mysteriousness in a that girl who goes out in a mini crossbody because God wonders how she can fit her everyday essentials in it while we lug around a large tote.

Women in Hong Kong carry big bags and school girls carry backpacks as well of course, but they also have a liking for the cutesy prints, colorful bags, animation-inspired, or quirky designer crafted pieces that I see less often in the states. I spoke earlier about how Janice Man loves her new Play No More bag. Remember the perfume bottle inspired cell phone case crossbody? Don’t be surprised if you see similar stuff in the form of a small barely-functional crossbody bags.

If you adopt this trend and make it standout, pick a color that contrasts the color of your peacoat.

What do you think?

Besides the white sneaker where we all own a pair in some shape or form, do you see yourself wearing any of these pieces?


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