Kathy Chow in Fendi & Max Mara: Unintentionally Patriotic


Sometimes celebrities and models are dressed in designer branded items from head to toe just for the sake of it. Many times I can’t understand the so-called that goes behind the makeup and styling of most models. Hong Kong model, Kathy Chow’s patriotic-colors ensemble of red, white, and blue is a pleasant surprise of novelty styling. The model sported a tie-dyed toned contrast-piping Cady jumpsuit for the Fendi’s Spring Summer Resort 2016 collection. Her strictly tailored jumpsuit was matched with equally fun, matching sandal with cross-over lacing. Topping off the denim jumpsuit with a statement red stripped wool coat from Max Mara was perhaps the most daring part yet!

Fendi’s Matching Sandals Heels



Denim sandal with cross-over lacing, finished with a metal and white leather buckle. The sculpted heel is wrapped in black leather, with multicolored print inspired by the paradise flower. Leather lining.

What do you think?

Jumpsuits are even more of a hassle to wear than a romper when it comes to using the restroom. While the denim jumpsuit isn’t anything knew, it’s also a piece that’s difficult and limited to style up, or even down, for the matter. If I were to ever jump on the jumpsuit trend (lol literally), I would go for a soft, drapey black piece.

Yet how Kathy styled the jumpsuit and coat is indeed eye-catching and sleek with her frame. It’s shockingly hot that even with her bright fuschia lips and bag, it didn’t overstimulate the outfit. What do you think?


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