Who Styled Fendi’s Victorian-Inspired Trend Better? Janice Man vs. Joey Yung


Not too long ago, I praised Joey Yung (容祖兒) in her coral Fendi ensemble as the wrinkled puffy sleeve trend was balanced out with a closet staple, the waist-defining bodycon skirt. Recently, actress and model Janice Man (文詠珊) also appeared in a similar Fendi coral outfit, but without any similar body-slimming properties, thereby appearing lousily put together. Puffy sleeves and crumpled fabric are difficult to pull off and Janice’s outfit confirmed my prediction. Without a more classic piece to drive attention away, it can easily be more about the trends and designer labels than about the style and owning it with confidence.

White accents are definitely the way to go and Janice accessorized with a white satchel with peep-toe sandals. While I’m all for Joey’s pointy-toed heels, I prefer Janice’s sleek hair pull-back and forever simple makeup.


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