Fashion Flop: Bernice Liu, Sisley Choi, Charmaine Li


While the Celebrity Street Style feature showcases some of the most practical and street chic outfits of the week, Fashion Disaster displays some of the most useless and impractical trends, textures, outfit ensembles that celebrities wear. While it may be their stylists that’s at fault sometimes, it’s less about the celebrity themselves, but more of how they care the look and the breakdown of the trend itself. This week we bring forth Bernice Liu, Sisley Choi, and Charmaine Li in outfits that are a bit less than impressive.

Bernice Liu in Maryling’s Abstract Colorful Shirt Dress


Bernice who has the body to carry almost any type of silhouette and outfit recently uploaded a photo to her Instagram praising her colorful shirt dress by the brand, Maryling. Shirt dresses are a classic and can be dressed up or down, but I simply prefer classics to remain the way they are. Arguably, the abstract colors prints splattered on this shirt dress can be playful, but unimaginative and completely random.

Cinching the waist in gave the dress a bit more shape, but the loose A-line silhouette wasn’t exactly fitting when used in the case of a shirt dress.

Sisley Choi’s Fuzzy Hair and Suspender Culottes


Sisley definitely took many risks in this look and all the praises to her for exploring in the realm of fashion. Her hair stylist definitely thought she’ll make it big with the fuzzy, clown-like blowout. Never seen the purpose of suspenders and with the controversy of culottes, I have reservations for the matching.

I’ll admit my trip to Hong Kong made me question if culottes are indeed worth trying for their loose comfort, but having to wear heels all the time with culottes (since I’m petite) didn’t make the trend practical at all.

Charmaine Li’s Cold Shoulder Cotton Top


I’ve been feeling ambivalent about cold-shoulder tops for a while. Some are sexy and body-defining while others are lazy and weird. Charmaine’s long-sleeve cold shoulder top definitely falls into the latter not to mention the gray and plum purple pairing was a dull and sleepy one. Charmaine’s cold shoulder top makes it difficult to move the arms, making it therefore, impractical for everyday wear.

Finally, the fuzzy boots may keep her warm for the winter but doesn’t amplify her already dreary outfit.

What do you think?

Do you disagree? What do you think about about these outfits?


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