Wuxia Inspired Fashion: Romance of the Condor Heroes (Part 2)


This is Part Two of the Wuxia Inspired Fashion for the 2015 Chinese series, Romance of the Condor Heroes. You can find Part One here. In Part One, we created outfits for the characters, Xiaolongnu, Lu Wushang, and Guo Fu. In this part, we will focus on Li Mochou played by Viann Zhang, Cheng Ying by Sarah Zhao, and Guo Xiang played by Sophie Zhang.

Viann Zhang’s Li Mochou


Some say she’s a psychopath, but her character just kills for the satisfaction. I’m not sure if she’s meant to be understood, but she’s to be feared for sure. For someone who is up to no good for a living, you have to admit that Viann is some eye candy.

Li Mochou’s Inspired Outfit

Romance of the Condor Heroes - Li Mochou Outfit

Products: Blouse, Skirt, Heels, Earrings

Viann’s villainess outfit consists of a deep purple blouse with a structured black pencil skirt. The dark colors of this ensemble demonstrates that she isn’t one to be messed with. Instead of the typical, conservative closed-toed heels for an office look, she isn’t one to conform. She wears what she wants to wear even if it means a pair of sexy gladiator heels, which is more suitable for the night clubs.

Sarah Zhao’s Cheng Ying


Refined, elegant, and educated, Cheng Ying is easily the “It Girl” of the series. Although Yang Guo chose Xiaolongnu at the end, he was honest and fair in his appraisal of all the women who entered his life. It is only Cheng Ying who is most well-rounded and unlike Xiaolongnu, she isn’t cold and indifferent. She is soft and caring without being overbearing. Aside from being my favorite female in the series, her mermaid green attire eludes a sense of bliss, similar to her personality.

Cheng Ying’s Inspired Outfit

Romance of the Condor Heroes - Cheng Ying Outfit

Products: Dress, Flats, Necklace, Bracelet

It was a bit challenging to find the perfect modern outfit for Cheng Ying because given her refinement, she is still a martial artist with a tough spirit — more so mentally than physically. Since I’m in awe of her mermaid green attire, she is given a pastel green pleated skater dress. Keeping the accessories basic since her humbleness doesn’t care for pretentiousness, she has a layering pendant necklace and knotted bangle. The pastel pointy-toed flats matches the pastel theme of the outfit, but the crocodile-skin imprint calls for a hidden inner toughness.

Sophie Zhang’s Guo Xiang


Unlike her older sister, Guo Xiang is quite the opposite and with her attractive, outgoing, and curious personality, she becomes everyone’s favorite at first sight. Some say she is too good to be true, others think her character was created to compensate for Guo Fu’s bitchiness. Regardless, she is Yang Guo’s number one fan and being a “girl of the wild” she makes friends with the Seven Freaks of the West.

Guo Xiang’s Outfit

Unlike the other females in the series, she is the only one not seen adorning herself in silk and satin pieces. Being the curious girl who is always looking for the next adventure, jeans and a white tee are low-maintenance. A sherpa vest keeps her warm and the sherpa fabric brings out her nomadic side. Fringe booties without heels are easy to escape in when she was kidnapped by Jinlun Guoshi. Finally, since she is friends with the 7 Freaks of the West, there really isn’t anything that can scare her — therefore, a skull bracelet is the right amount of badass.

What do you think?

How else would you have created these outfits?


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