Fashion Recap: Simple Valentine’s Day Outfits from Asian Celebrities

It makes me smile to see that celebrities don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, but instead many were spotted in some of our favorite and usual pieces. This season’s off-the-shoulder seductive style was a popular choice, while there was no shortage of the usual lace, florals, reds, pinks, and surprisingly even my favorite neutrals.



Katy Kung’s gray floral off-the-shoulder dress is one of my favorites for many reasons. While I love the sexy collarbone reveal and sheer layer of floral fabric, I’m most surprised by her choice of a pair of all white sneakers for this dressy look. Although only 5’3, she has no problem wearing what she feels is comfortable. She looks innocently pretty in her thin fuchsia lips and curled short hair that’s tucked behind one ear.


Not sure if these two rising stars were shopping together, but Priscilla Wong who appeared at a Valentine’s Day event with her boyfriend, Edwin Siu, was spotted in a similar floral dress in white.


Zalora seems to be a popular option among Hong Kong celebrities and Kimmy Kwan was spotted in the same dress Grace Chan wore for Chinese New Year. Considering the two holidays are one week after another and the holiday colors are red and pink, what can be worn for Chinese New Year can also be recycled for Valentine’s Day. Kidding — but it sure is a convenient reason to swap dresses with friends. 😉


Fiona Sit seems to have quite a lot to ponder on the Day of Love. She appeared in a one-of-a-kind rose-printed flared dress. While the flared dress looked cute on her, the prints makes such a bold statement that it’s more suitable for editorial than practical wear.



Grace Chan appeared in an interview for Ming Pao and wore a sweetheart, lace-trimmed midi dress. Black pointy and strappy heels were a safe choice. With her stable relationship with actor, Kevin Cheng, she had every reason to flash the most flirtatious smile!

Song Ji-hyo_Vday2016

South Korean actress, Song Ji Hyo, appeared on stage in a cream shift dress with silver flats. While she was there to provide entertainment for her guests that day, she seems ready to roll back into bed and be entertained in her dreams instead.



Although single, this didn’t stop Jess Shum from choosing a siren, deep red midi dress for the holiday. She is the exemplary of wearing all red everything.


As much as I love the hiking outdoors, it’s not the go-to idea for a Valentine’s Day date. The naturally seductive former actress, Irene Wan, doesn’t care for your usual wine and dine shebang (she’s probably been there and done it a million times). Instead, she happily posed for a photo in front of a waterfall and rainbow bright and early on this special occasion. Hiking in a long maxi is also the first I’ve ever seen.


As the host of the TVB variety show, All Things Girls, it is no surprise that Jacquelin Ch’ng has something to express when it comes to fashion, accessorizing, and playing with new trends. Gone are the days where we see her in a different wild hair color each week, but that doesn’t mean she can’t play with her outfits and shoes. Naturally a happy person, her majenta ensemble top was a seamless accent to her multi-color artistic floral skirt. Her heels are also something you probably haven’t seen before.

Just Black


Rebecca Zhu’s background is as conservative as her style and she posted a photo of herself in a little black dress on Valentine’s Day. This photo was likely to have been taken earlier since Rebecca is currently sporting super short hair. She looks more youthful with beneath-the-shoulder length hair best though!


Mandy Wong sported one of the most effortlessly modern chic outfits for Valentine’s Day though I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t exactly a pink or red element in her outfit, whether it’s a pop of pink on her handbag, purse, or shoes. Instead, she went very low-key and appeared in a black tee with a white waist-defining mini skirt. Those neutral colors were paired with a pair of black patent leather ankle booties and a crossbody bag. Contrasting is one way to stand out and she posed for a photo right in front of a multi-color school mural of nature.

A Pop Of Color


With an ensemble of all neutrals, Janice Man’s white sweater against a black maxi is super sleek and comfortable. Her light pink oversized Longchamp tote was almost more than just a pop of pink!

What do you think?

Whose style best represents you?


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