Runway Look for Less: Joey Yung in Fendi’s Coral Sorbet Monochromatic Look


It is not often that I will fall for monochromatic coral sorbet, or even any solo color for the matter. As many of you may know already, I live quite a minimalistic lifestyle that is reflected on my styling choices as well. I also previously commented that I’m not a fan of the puffy sleeve trend despite it having the properties of the Victorian era.

Joey who has been recently preparing for her concert in Vegas was spotted wearing a monochromatic coral sorbet outfit from Fendi’s Ready-to-Wear Spring and Summer 2016 collection. The puffy long-sleeve ruffled top was neatly wrapped in one of our all-time favorite clubbing silhouettes: the classic bodycon skirt. While puffy sleeves can be messy, Joey proves that a sleek piece is all it needs to tame down and find balance for the outfit. She topped the candy-colored (I’m not going to lie, I went out to get raspberry sorbet ice cream right after this because the color makes me hungry LOL.) attire with a pair of white pointy buckled heels.

Fendi’s Runway Look


Joey’s Inspired Look

Sorbet Coral Monochrome Outfit

Products: Blouse, Skirt, Shoes, Earrings

What do you think?

I don’t wear a lot of bright colors, but love the sorbet coral monochrome. I don’t care for the puffy sleeve trend, but Joey and Fendi illustrates that it can look nice on a model and celebrity. Still, it’s better remained as a runway trend than a daily necessity.

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