The One Piece That’ll Keep You Classy This Winter


This post is coming a few weeks too late and I’m slightly guilty for putting it off for so long, but things got in the way and before I know it, it’s already summer where I live. Yup, it’s been in the 90’s and here I am still talking about winter wear. But that’s okay, I know many parts of world are still living in rain and wind.

The one piece that will have you looking almost like Coco Chanel is no other than the faux fur coat, a statement piece that speaks for itself. In the past, fur coats have been associated with the wealthy aristocrats, but with the invention of everything faux, it is not only accessible to everyone, but eliminates the animal cruelty concerns. It’s always a charm when pieces that are seemingly only accessible to certain groups in the past becomes street style and is acquirable for everyone. My favorite part about this piece is that you can wear your usual jeans, shirts, dresses, boots, or heels, yet if you just find the right faux fur coat that fits in with the majority of your closet’s color palette, it can match with most pieces.

While wearing their most reliable pair of jeans, Girls Generation’ Korean star Tiffany Hwang, and Hong Kong stars Sammi Cheng and Kristy Yang were spotted flaunting their fur coats. Both Tiffany and Sammi wore their everyday pieces, a chambray and flannel shirt, respectively, but layering on a fur coat instantly adds warmth with a spark of classiness. In Sammi’s case, it seemed more like sass — but when is she not? Kristy also seems to agree that the coat is keeping her warm and happy!

How to Choose Your Faux Fur Coat

Color Palette. These coats pretty much come in every color, some of which are even gradient-ed. My personal favorite is, of course, a shade of neutral, but for this coat I’m eyeing a more cream colored one. Determine the color that coordinates well with most of your closet’s shirts, tops, and dresses. If your tops are colored, I would go for a more neutral coat, but if most of your tops consists of creams, blacks, and grays, then your options are pretty much endless.

Size. Like jackets, some coats hit at the waist while others larger, more overpowering ones hit right above the thigh. I shied away from a long coat earlier because I’m afraid that my petite frame would drown in all that fabric, but Tiffany who is 5’4 proves us wrong. Wear a pair of comfortable ankle booties and you shall be fine.

Texture. Even though they’re faux fur, not all coats and jackets come in the same quality faux fur. I would avoid cheap faux fur even for a trendy piece like this. Abercrombie has some quality ones this season and they are on sale right now! Likewise, Forever 21 never fails with endless options.

Inspired Faux Fur Coats

Faux Fur Coats - Under $100

Products: Top: OneTwoThree Bottom: OneTwoThree

What do you think?

Would you wear a faux fur statement coat?

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