Fashion Recap: What to Wear for the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year was celebrated a few days ago, on February 8th. While it’s a huge occasion in the Asian countries, here is a quick recap of how Chinese celebrities celebrated the holiday of fresh beginnings in fashion. Some are more dressy while others are more casual, but there should be something that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Best Dressed – Crystal Li


The best dressed goes to Crystal Li who recently shared the photo on her personal blog. Pairing very classic pieces like a little white dress and pointy nude heels with a red textured cape jacket, her look can be described as effortlessly chic. She finished off her look with slightly messy braided bun. She knows her look is amongst the best so a rooftop top shot is the appropriate destination for this look.

Who Wore It Better? – Heidi Chu vs. Grace Chan in Zalora


Former beauty queens, Heidi Chu and Grace Chan, wore two festive dresses in the same color. Their off-the-shoulder floral dresses are from the affordable retailer, Zalora. Other colors of a similar dress as well as other silhouettes are also available!


The eighteen-year-old cutie, Sophie Zhang, appeared on stage in a red and white flared dress. While red is the ultimate color for the Lunar New Year, Sophie demonstrates that you don’t have to buy a special dress just for the occasion and can still look girly.



Rosina Lam, who has been gradually winning the audience over since her debut, appeared in a beautiful lilac pink oversized sweater. Nothing like staying warm for the winter holiday!

P.S. This would most likely be what I would choose too. 😉


Despite having been criticized for her lackluster performance during the Miss Chinese International finals last month, Louis Mak‘s mood doesn’t appear flustered like the negative reports want her to be. She happily appeared on the streets of Hong Kong in a bright pink printed shift dress to celebrate a fresh start. I’m not sure if everything else black is a good idea though. White may have been a better option.


To counter the less than ideal weather in Hong Kong right now, Kaki chose a red and gray poncho that was probably something she had in her closest already.


Nancy Wu and Vivien Yeo chose to be the lady in yellow instead of red or pink. I suppose any bright color is welcomed for the holiday. Think red or pink is too mainstream for your coolness? You have other options.


And the best accessory to celebrate a brand new start is a fuchsia smile. Sharon Chan looks like she’s up to no good for the new year. 😉


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