Hong Kong Celebrity Street Style: Sammi Cheng, Charlene Choi, Grace Chan


This week’s HK celebrity style brings another round of urban looks that are suitable for anyone from the urban street chic girl to the college schoolgirl. We will be featuring Sammi Cheng, Charlene Choi, and Grace Chan, the latter two being first-timers in the fun feature.

Sammi’s Winter Urban Ensemble


Sammi never shies away from any type of style and after a few weeks of following her styles, she demonstrates that she’s a badass fashionistas not because she wears leather or any particular edgy statement piece, but because she is open-minded and doesn’t subdue herself to one style. Some people love that while others don’t.

To combat the rainy and cold winters in Hong Kong this winter, on this particular day, Sammi was spotted wearing a long multi-color menswear coat. with an earthy brown plaid scarf. Nothing like comfortable jeans and her running shoes are a beautiful shade of pink!

Sammi’s Inspired Outfit

Colorblocking Coat and Sneakers Outfit

Products: Coat, Jeans, Shoes, Scarf

Charlene’s School Girl Look


Blessed with youthful features, Charlene at 33-years-old, can easily pass off as a college girl in her polka-dot sweater and star-printed skinny jeans. She layered her sweater with a classic white button-down shirt for a preppy look. I’m once again ecstatic to see that she chose a pair of all-white sneaker to complete her look. While printed socks are a little too high-maintenance to buy (Who else always loose one sock in the washer or dryer every other week?), they are nevertheless adorable.

She finalized her look with simple makeup (eyeliner, mascara, and a “my lips but better” lip color), throw her hair up in a messy bun, and ran off with a multi-use navy canvas snap backpack.

Charlene’s Inspired Outfit

Grace in All Neutrals


Criticize Grace’s acting for all you want, but I have to give it to her for experimenting with styles that don’t quite fit the petite body frame. Arguably, she can always pass off anything with her warm smiles and good vibes so I’ll let you be the judge on this one. The style itself is sleek and comfortable, however.

At 5’3 and 87 pounds, on this day, Grace was spotted in a black boxy loose top with mid-sleeves. One color short of a monochromatic look, she paired it with a light gray knit pencil skirt. She finished the look with black Chelsea booties, which are always reliable for any street style look.

The rising star who looks like she is on cloud nine left some loose strands of her silky chestnut brown hair while pulling the rest back in a pony tail.

Grace’s Inspired Look

Boxy Top and Pencil Skirt Look

Products: Top, Skirt, Boots

What do you think?

This has been one of my favorite street styles posts to write because there is something for almost everyone at different stages of their life. Which look is your favorite? Would you wear any of these inspired looks?


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