First Impressions: K9 Cops (TVB, 2016)


K9 Cops ( 警犬巴打)

Genre: Modern Comedy
Length: 20 episodes
Producer: Wong Wai Sing

Cast: Bosco Wong, Raymond Wong, Linda Chung, Tracy Chu, Oscar Leung, Angel Chiang, Rebecca Chan, Kayi Cheung, Koo Ming Wah, etc.

I started this with an intention to support or at least give a chance to some of my favorite artists, Bosco, Raymond, and Tracy. Indeed, if there is any reason for continuing after four episodes, it would be for them. Bosco didn’t seem to have a fruitful year in terms of having any big named productions released. I had to google that he was in Under the Veil, which I don’t even remember hearing about sadly. What’s even sadder is Raymond’s acting career, which hasn’t bore anything memorable since Bottled Passion and No Regrets. I believe most people disliked his villain character in Overachievers (Not because he was a villain, but because he didn’t make any sense), which was his last big production. It just dawned upon me that for the last few years, I’m only a fan of Raymond’s for his work ethic and nothing more.

It always has me wondering why TVB produces these small niche series about speeding, dogs and cats, etc. It might appeal to a small group of viewers who are animal lovers, but call me boring, I’ll still take a mainstream cop drama over this any day. K9 Cops immediately reminded me of A Watchdog’s Tale — it also happens that Linda is a veterinarian in both. But I’ll take Linda’s loud and tomboy character in Watchdog over her aloof and stubborn role here. With an IQ of 135 and always using her above-than-normal logic to prove people wrong, I’m not sure what her depressed expressions are suppose to demonstrate other than that, ignorance is indeed bliss.

Although Bosco and Raymond are seemingly co-leads, Bosco appears to be the lead protagonist as he is the big brother to three vulnerable sisters, played by Tracy, Kayi, and Angel. Most of the time, he has to look over his brother-in-law, Oscar, who is impulsive, immature, and comes off as uneducated too. It is revealed that Oscar holds a grudge on Linda and their differences in personality and education also sets them apart like fire and water. At this point, you won’t be team Linda or team Oscar because both characters are so flawed. It seems like Bosco’s sunshine and down-to-earth character will come in a meditate eventually.

Bosco and Raymond who are great friends have distinct personalities. Bosco comes from the grassroots with a ton of family responsibilities, drives a broken car (that part was funny) while Raymond comes from a wealthy family, but being a cop is his passion. Ultimately, although they both work in the same department and office, Bosco arrives at work in denim and Raymond comes in suits. Raymond gets office love from his female co-worker while Bosco gets to stay overtime to redo his reports.

Bosco drives a broken car and his method of repairment means taping his windows together. Raymond drives a clean and polished model at 10 mph and takes care of it like a baby (exaggeration), but always have Bosco complaining that at the speed he drives, it decreases his mental stimulations (LOL). If anything, it will be Bosco and Raymond’s bromance that keeps me watching.

Despite being money-oriented and a bit selfish, Tracy who plays Bosco’s sister and Raymond’s girlfriend is the more fun female lead than Linda, who is suppose to be the star. Even if Tracy threatens to break up with Raymond if he doesn’t quit his job as a dangerous cop, her motivations isn’t without any love for him. She isn’t the perfect girlfriend to support her boyfriend’s passion, but the extents to which Tracy goes to please Raymond is entertaining. When Bosco learned that his sister has been sending naked photos of herself to Raymond, even Raymond says they’re so satisfying he can’t let her down by telling her that he wants to be a cop again. 😀

It’s a good opportunity for Tracy and she shines in those naughty and spunky characters. She definitely proves that she can run a show — and I mean beyond the type where she keeps her man eating out of her palms with sex appeal. 😉

The series isn’t consistently entertaining and the comedy is a bit try-hard, but it’s more tolerable than Speed of Life, if you are looking for a reason to start one over the other.


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