Who Styled Vivienne Tam’s Floral Mesh Dress Tastefully? Chrissie Chau vs. Linda Chung


Hong Kong stars, Chrissie Chau and Linda Chung were spotted sporting the same black floral sheer dress by designer Vivienne Tam. Linda was spotted wearing the dress for TVB’s 48th Anniversary Awards Presentation back in December 2015 while Chrissie wore the same dress for the 15th Chinese Film Media Awards. Vivienne’s unique styles has been seen on many HK celebrities like Monica Chan. When Linda appeared on the red carpet for the TVB awards late last year, she left a bad taste in my mouth with her poorly styled dress and washed out makeup.


Upfront we get to see more details of the dress from it’s delicate floral textures to it’s mesh. Although Linda may be awarded for her experimental efforts for styling out of her comfort zone for wearing a thin, strappy bralette and panty to complement the transparent dress, the outcome isn’t as sexy as she’d imagine. My pick for who styled the dress better would definitely be Chrissie, who took a more conservative approach by layering a black slip underneath. Chrissie, who is known more for her body than acting, understands that a well-styled outfit with the right amount of confidence does not require unwanted attention.


What do you think?

This is one of the more interesting and controversial outfits for the feature, “Who Wore it Better?” Who do you think styled the dress better? Would love to hear your opinions, especially if they are different from mine this time.


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