Wuxia Inspired Fashion: Romance of the Condor Heroes (Part 1)


This is part one of two for the series, wuxia inspired fashion for Romance of the Condor Heroes. While some characters have their signature colors like Little Dragon Girl and Guo Fu, others don’t and their color of clothing may vary from version to version. Since my idea to write the post stemmed from the 2014 version, my inspiration will primary come from this adaption.

Like most Chinese productions, Romance was not short of some beautiful costumes, though they are no where near as heavy and elaborate as palace drama’s costumes. My personal favorites here are Guo Fu’s, whose outfits are always so perfectly tailored and tamed, unlike her attitude. Likewise, I’m also in love with Cheng Ying’s mermaid green attire — even though we rarely see her. For Part 1, we will focus on Xiaolongnu, Lu Wushang, and Guo Fu’s outfits.

Michelle Chen’s Xiaolongnu (Little Dragon Girl)


Known for her long, white wind-blown dresses and layers among layers of hidden long sashes of gold bells, Xiaolongnu’s style is more than mesmerizing and dreamy, but her sashes of bells also serves as her weapon against her enemies.

Xiaolongnu’s Inspired Outfit

To maintain her ethereal beauty, I selected a white maxi dress for her. Both maxi dresses (above) have some kind of fringe detailing for accessorizing purposes and while her dresses appear plain, they are still ringing with bells. She keeps her hair long and straight. To compete her “goddess descending from the heavens look”, I choose a gold headpiece. The sandals also has some gold detailing to match the gold accents. Finally, swipe on a pinkish nude lip for an effortless look.

Yoki Sun’s Lu Wushuang


Lu Wushuang is a bit more vivacious in this adaptation than another version I saw. Regardless if that’s really her personality or not, she was the most lively among all the girls that danced around Yang Guo. They were super cute earlier, calling each other “Stupid Egg” and “Little Wife”, but her constant high energy can quickly become too much.

Lu Wushuang’s Inspired Outfit

She was spunky, righteous, but was always quick and smart enough to escape any dangerous situation from her villain sifu, Li Mochou. The vivaciousness in her is like a free spirit and thus I gave her an relaxed swing dress with tan fringe booties. They are easy for escape and the mini dress is more mobile than Xiaolongnu’s maxi dress. A fuschia lip color represents how daring and outspoken she is. Shying away from bright lips isn’t her style.

Rachel Momo’s Guo Fu

Rachel Momo_Guo Fu 02

As pretty as Rachel was in the series, I always feel slightly embarrassed by her character’s existence. As Guo Jing and Huang Rong’s daughter, she is nothing like her parents and other than inheriting her mother’s beauty, she has none of her father’s righteousness or her mother’s street smarts. Even worse, becomes Yang Guo’s burden on at least more than one occasion and before she can repay him of any kindness, she chopped off his arm.

Guo Fu’s Inspired Outfit

Guo Fu Inspired Modern OutfitProducts: Peacoat, Knit Top, Jeans, Boots, Bag, Earrings

Pink is Guo Fu’s signature color and she wears multiple shades of pink throughout the series. Despite having some knowledge of martial arts, she is quite girly and high-maintenance in attitude so I decided to give her a beautiful faded pink peacoat with silver bow earrings and a classic quilted Chanel bag. Since this sassy, spoiled girl is no pushover, the over-the-knee boots are meant to add some toughness into the look.

What do you think?

Would you wear any of these outfits? If not, how would you style each character? Do you ever seek inspiration from your favorite novel characters?


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