Links I Love: Week of Feb 7, 2016

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If you haven’t already, start building a more resilient brain today. It will become your greatest asset. The point about traveling is so on point!

I’m obsessed with a few pieces from Kylie and Kendall new collection at Nordstrom. Their stuff sells out fast before it goes on sale, so if you are interested, act quick!

Japanese street styles are the girliest of all. Head over to Kimdao’s YouTube channel for a Japan Winter Lookbook video.

I always wear my olive parkas and jackets with anything from ankle boots to combat boots, but Hong Kong blogger, Jin Wong, shows us that a neutral-colored outfit can offset these rainbow Valentino 1973 rockstud pumps too!

Do you find yourself procrastinating on your dreams or goals? Brooke Steward from World of Wanderlust, outlines a the stages we go through to achieve our dreams. I find her talk ont the phases, plan of action and attack to be so hilarious, but true.

I was right! The white sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere in 2016. Yay!

I found my dream cross body bag! Cross body strap? Check. Size? Check. Price? Aww, I stopped there.

Do you know everything on this article from LifeHack, 10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Clothes? I’m not creative nor have the patience to complete a DIY project, but I do re-purpose my old tees into rags lol — and that does feel good! Don’t know if that counts though.

Do you you give every opinion a chance, but at the end of the day, you do things your way? Amen to this article, 20 Signs That Say You’re A Free Spirit.


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