Dream Bag of 2016: Loewe’s Puzzle Bag


Loewe’s, the Spanish luxury fashion house that dates back to 1846, Puzzle Bag is the new talk of town. Although I’m never one to jump blindly on fads, I must give it my all to this one. It’s also novel and refreshing that my new favorite bag isn’t from one of the same five brands I talk about with my family and friends. The brand’s new “It Bag” of the year has been seen on numerous celebrities around the world including American celebrities like Kate Bosworth to Korean stars and Chinese actresses and HK models like Song Jia (宋佳)Kathy Chow (周汶錡), and Chrissie Chau (周秀娜), respectively.


Song Jia sporting the Loewe Puzzle Bag while at the airport


Chrissie Chau’s assistant holding the Puzzle Bag for her

Besides the great thing about this bag is that it not only comes in a variety of colors, but also textures (from leather to suede) and prints. It comes in a variety of sizes (though the small one is enough for me) and has both a shorter satchel strap as well as a removable, longer cross body strap. It can be sporty, but most importantly, it’s soft, flexible, and practical — and it fits everything I need it to fit in there.

If you are in love like me, you’re bound to find one that fits into your everyday style. I’m not a fan of pretentious bags that makes a loud statement, but if I’m going to invest in them, they usually need to be somewhere along the lines of what I like to call “love at first sight.” The puzzle and origami idea is not only unique and original, but there is a subtle mystery to the asymmetrical lines that makes it unpredictable. And that sense of “I’m not sure what’s going to happen next” happily reflects my life at the moment.

That said, it’s something I’ll splurge on at the moment — which is why it’s a dream bag and not a must-have bag, just like most designer bags. Like my other dream bag of five years, which I briefly mentioned here, it’s definitely something to save up for if it becomes a classic.


What do you think?

Have you seen this bag around? Would you get one or a cheaper alternative of it?


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