Three Outfits to Pack for Winter Travels


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I live with my minimalistic wardrobe, but this doesn’t mean I don’t have problems packing when I travel. For my short trips, I usually bring a backpack and a small roller carry-on. Yet between my makeup and toiletries bags, it fills up more than half of my carry-on already. I guess my life isn’t that minimalistic after all. At that moment, I wonder if I would survive if I was stranded on an island?

Especially for the winter, I usually re-use my outfits again and again since I rarely sweat. Some might find it disgusting that I would wear an outfit (not undies though) again, but it’s one way of down-sizing because runaway should be about being free and without the extra baggage. When you’re boarding the plane, wear or carry the bulky items like the olive parka below. Imagine if you threw that in the carry-on, it would have completed the bag already. You always have the option to take it off on the plane so don’t worry.

The three outfits I’ll be discussing are for sightseeing, hiking, and lounging in the hotel.

Outfit One: Sightseeing Out and About

Winter Parka Outfit

Products: Parka, Jeans, Beanie, Scarf, Boots, Tee

When I visited the northern parts of the U.S. last month, I realized that having some kind of coat is the local standard. People didn’t walk around in hoodies as much as they did in California. If you walk into a new city and see that everyone is dressed in warm, chic layers, it automatically makes you want an upgrade. And even if you didn’t care to fit in, it’s not a good idea to battle with the weather anyway.

I don’t even own a pair of rain boots because it doesn’t rain enough here and when it does, I usually work inside anyway. Yet after being there for one day, I almost had an urge to splurge on a pair at Nordstrom Rack because my Nike Rosche wasn’t keeping my toes dry anymore.

To battle the gloominess, I’m all for cute winter apparel, which includes animal ears beanie and a colored scarf for this outfit.

Outfit Two: Hiking, Biking, or Outdoor Activities

Hiking OutfitProducts: Leggings, Jacket, Sports Bra, White Nike, Aqua Nike

As I grow older, I have a deeper penchant for exploring nature, especially hiking. I have a weakness for waterfalls and will stubbornly hike up to four hours just so I can say, “I’ve seen it.” I aspire to hike at least one trial in every new destination I travel to, but the biggest problem is actually not the hike itself, but getting to the trail from the city.

Color active wear is a motivational way to keep you happy when the trail gets long and hopeless. I always check out people’s active gear on the trail and it’s one way to be entertained at moments when the trail itself isn’t. I would keep to one color scheme, whatever is your lucky color. Mine are pink and a turquoise blue.

On my plane ride back, I swapped out my black jeans for leggings since athletic wear is a fashion statement alone and is on it’s way to replace denim in this decade.

Outfit Three: Lounging in the Hotel (or at the Airport)

Simplicity is beautiful and dressing for comfort is the cheapest way to make yourself feel at home while on the road. I prefer sweatpants over sleep pants when traveling, especially in the winter. This is also because you can wear sweatpants (Think joggers!) out, but not sleeping pants. The duo role of sweatpants win! Finally, if you must put a feminine twist on this, there is always that option to throw on an off-the-shoulder top instead of a regular tee.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, within these three outfits you can still mix and match or layer. You can always wear the long sleeve lounge sweatshirt over a tee before throwing on the parka.

What do you think?

When you travel, do you automatically throw the pieces you wear most often into your suitcase? Or do you think about the things you’ll be doing and plan according?


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