TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Fala Chen in “Triumph in the Skies II”


Holiday Ho Style

I recently re-watched Triumph in the Skies II (Not really since I didn’t pay much attention the first time I saw it) and realized how westernized Holiday Ho’s style is. Played by Fala Chen, who was raised in the states, this might have helped with her credibility in playing the role. Some argue that she isn’t the ideal girl for the Bohemian, free-spirit meets gothic punk girl, but these are the types of roles where TVB made a good investment in nurturing westernized girls for their leading roles.

While you may wonder why I’m writing this post two years after the series aired, her style is quite timeless with many everyday pieces that are still on the street today. Since this style has become more mainstream, you can pretty much find it in many of your favorite stores including Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle. Shop their sales and you can go out the door with pieces under $10! If you are looking for more unique pieces, Threadsense is a great option for indie and bohemian clothing. With the Bohemian style on trend of the last two years, it’s definitely not too late! After all, the best series and styles are suppose to stand the test of time, right?

Key Wardrobe Pieces

Black Jeans

When she’s not working and wearing her pilot uniform, she is most likely to be seen wearing what every other girl is wears on a daily basis — black jeans. If you have this, you are already off to a good start in building Holiday’s wardrobe.

Maxi Skirts

The free-spirit in her loves a breath-taking and breezy maxi skirt. She just opts for the comfortable and inexpensive solid-colored, cotton ones. While we usually wear these on an easy and relaxed Sunday, she has worn them while dancing around in an empty grass field somewhere in London or while running away from her ex (Chilam Cheung) in Taiwan — because those are totally the most convenient moments to wear a long skirt.

She pairs these skirts with the usual things she wears in her wardrobe, including her scarves and leather jackets. She always has to mix and match being the girl who is on a budget.

Black Graphic Tees


To complement the warmer weather in Hong Kong, Fala opts for punk graphic tees instead of sweatshirts. She’ll love anything from skulls to skeletons. The more reckless the better.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Fala is a pretty casual girl so she doesn’t believe hoodies and sweatshirts are below her. Unless she’s at home, she’ll usually layer these inside her parkas or leather jackets though. She doesn’t show off her hoodies or sweatshirts, but she does understand that they secretly keep her warm on the inside.

Leather Jacket

What kind of badass punk would Fala be if she didn’t have at least one leather jacket in her wardrobe? Not a legitimate one, that is for sure. She is seen wearing both black and brown — and given the timelessness of this piece, there is no reason not to own one in both colors.



When Fala arrives in Hong Kong to join the Pre-Pilot Program, she loosens up on the layers because it’s warmer in Hong Kong. She swaps out her leather jackets for her leather and denim vests. She usually pairs these vests with tank tops or tunics, showing off her slim bare arms.

Olive Parka

I have a weakness for my olive parkas, especially those with sherpa lining and are fur-hooded, and despite seeing every other person owning one if you walk down a street in a city with a real winter, I can fall in love all over again each time. This is Fala’s warrior coat when she bounces from one street to the next in Europe. Karmaloop, who is a leader in streetwear clothing, also has a variety of parkas and leather jackets to choose from.

Bomber Jacket

She’s a pilot (Second Officer) so you’d expect this one at some point, right?


Chunky Knit Scarves


Since the cast filmed in the winter (even though it seems like summer because that’s when it aired), Fala was seen wearing a lot of chunky knit scarves, some infinity and others not. The thicker the better; she also wears them in a variety of colors (from red to white) since most of her clothes consists of neutral colors. The most colorful she got is usually olive green.

DSLR Digital Camera

She loves taking photos for memories and she has every reason to since she is living life on-the-go. There is every reason to document every memory. I mean, don’t you?


This is skeptical, but she carries her laptop around in the earlier episodes as a way of writing diaries to her deceased boyfriend. I’m only for the laptop if you are traveling for a week or more.


Having majored in Meterology, she has her reasons for carrying a telescope around along with her tripod.



Fala may be known for wearing heels on the red carpet, but here she is seen in boots most of the time. One of her signature pairs are the popular Dr. Marten lace-up bootsShe prefers them in black and although they are heavier to wear than I’ll like, they are super badass like her.



Fala is spotted carrying a few designer handbags in the series. While she wears anything from a classic and edgy black bag to a siren red one, her color preferences are just as unpredictable as her mood. One thing for sure is that she prefers large totes and tends to wear them crossbody style, which shouldn’t be surprising since she lives the free, nomadic life bouncing from London to Paris in a blink of an eye. Are you jealous yet?

One bag, however, that I spotted also happens to be my dream bag, the Balenciaga Classic City bag. She prefers hers black and with no metal hardwire. For someone who has to sell her ex-boyfriend’s leather jacket to fundraise for her telescope, she sure has no problem splurging on a designer bag. So why should you?

Just kidding.



Like her wardrobe, Fala goes under a drastic face makeover from the beginning to the end of the series. In the first ten or so episodes, the free-spirited side of her dominates over everything else. She is seen in her dark-rimmed eyes with heavy eyeliner. She also prefers winged eyeliner and black eyeshadow at this point.

When she joins PPP and after a short lecture by Sam (Francis Ng), she begins to lighten the eyeliner load. Her makeup becomes much more natural much like the girl next door.


Fala’s black hair is right below shoulder length. During her gothic and runaway-from-home days, she has a few strands of light yellow hair peaking through the jet black hair (see photo above). At the same time she ditched the heavy liner, she also removes the colored hair. Fala prefers to wear her hair down most of the time. When she is flying, she is seen with her hair wrapped in a bun for practicality and concentration.

What do you think?

I’m all for her more natural makeup, leather jackets, parkas, which are the best traveling companions! I still think the thick eyeliner didn’t suit her well and the contrast between her eyes and face were too harsh.

Do you associate with Holiday’s style?


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