The Best and Worst Trends of 2016


No matter how much I stand by the idea of a minimalistic wardrobe, I still can’t help but buy one or two trendy pieces every season. When I want to spend minimally on clothes despite the temptation to shake things up with my basics, the easiest way to go about it is to pick a trend or two that I adore most. I tend to go for trends that can eventually turn into classics or something that I can foresee myself wearing after the season is long gone.

I spoke briefly earlier this week that I will be writing up the best and worst trends of 2016, so here goes!

The Best


This trend was in for 2015 already and it continues to stay for 2016! I’ve bought an off-the-shoulder top last year and it pairs so easily with jeans and short no to mention I received a ton of compliments on it from day one. This trend is a must, especially if you have a nice collarbone. The only down side is that the elastic may loosen its elasticity in the washer over time. However, I’ve seen these tops go as low as $10 when they’re on sale — and this is without compromising the quality of the piece. There really isn’t much to lose.

Tops We Chose

Off the Shoulder Tops

Products: One, Two, Three



I’m somewhere in the middle about this trend. One of my all-time favorite dresses in navy blue is micropleated. However, I’m only a fan of this trend on darker-colored clothing as it can be unnecessarily flashy if it were a metallic micropleated maxi skirt.

Pleated Skirts We Chose

Pleated Skirts

Products: One, Two, Three



I’m usually excited for trends that represents an era in history and the Victorian trend is classy, in theory. The high necklines are fine, but the puffy sleeves can be too much for everyday wear. I like this trend in theory, but I’m still skeptical regarding it’s practicality, therefore.

Trailing Tassels


Who comes to mind when you imagine trailing tassels? It’s Rebecca Minkoff, for me. The contemporary brand’s signature item is their Mini MAC crossbody bags. I love the Mini MAC crossbodies for their softness and functionality. Beyond handbags, I’ve also seen and own this trend in swim bottoms, which is ultra cute. I see the trailing tassels as flirty though it’s definitely more of a nice-to-have trend more than a must-have.

Lingerie Dress


Photo Credits:

When it comes to rocking the lingerie, or slip dress, no one handles it better than Rumi Neely from Fashion ToastShe lives and breathes the trend and also has her own line of clothing, Are You Am IWhen I followed her on Instagram, it seems like she wore the slip dress regardless of the season. Only bloggers can afford to do that.

The slip dress is easy to throw on and lives up to it’s name: just slip it on from the bottom. Though Rumi wears hers without a bra, I would advise against that. A strappy or lace bralette would make the slip dress less likely to suffer a wardrobe malfunction moment.

Colors: Serenity, Rose Quartz, Lilac Grey, Buttercup Yellow


Besides cuts, fabrics, and styles, trends also come in colors. While there are many more colors that will be in for this season, my favorites are the serenity and rose quartz from the Pantone palette. I’ve always thought grey was a boring color, but brought a lot of it into my wardrobe in 2015. It’s the next best color after black!

Yellow is the color I never dig, but I’ve seen outfits that features bits and pieces of yellow where it’s so adorable. A post on how to spark up your winter outfits is on it’s way!

The Worst



Ruffles use to be one of my favorite trends, back in 2007 I think? Who remembers. I still find the trend feminine (especially if it’s a white ruffled top paired with a black pencil skirt), but perhaps my taste has changed since then. Ruffles that comes in small doses are fine though it’s still not something I will be hunting for, but big ruffled clothing will definitely turn me off.

Asymmetrical necklines


I never understood the point of asymmetrical necklines or just cutouts, for the matter. I tend to like clean-cut looks with my basics or even crazy prints on my bohemian pieces, but asymmetrical necklines are simply indecisive — and that’s not how I like to go about in life.

Shoulder Cutouts

While I’m all for the off-the-shoulder trend, shoulder cutouts are a different story. This piece looks better when it’s tight and fitted, but I prefer most of my clothes loose and flowy. Therefore, I love these pieces in theory and in photos more than on me.

Shoulder Cutout Tops

Products: One, Two, Three

Crumpled Fabric


It baffles me that this can even be a trend. How can anyone possibly look attractive in crumpled fabric? I look forward to any street style or even celebrity who can convert me on this one.



I can’t imagine the pajama trend actually being worn on the street, though I already spotted Selena Gomez in it — and she paired strappy heels with it. It may just be a runway hype — and should just stay that way.

Flat Mules

2016trend_flat mule

I’ve never been a fan of mules with chunky heels, let alone flat mules. While amongst the heels family, mules are the easiest to slip on, I see them as something for women beyond their middle-aged years due to their convenience and sturdiness, but not modernness nor edginess.

What do you think?

What are you favorite and least favorite trends of 2016? I didn’t mention them all, but only those that I had an opinion on. Do comment below!


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