Hong Kong Celebrity Street Style: Katy Kung, Crystal Li, Kary Ng

Feature: Celebrity Street Style gathers photos of celebrities weekly outfits from across the web to create a similar, inspired, and affordable look. Unlike runway looks, these are meant to be practical and we can see what a celebrity wears on a day off. These looks are aimed to be under $100 per outfit though that may not always be the case.


Celebrity street style continues to be a popular feature on AF and this week Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Crystal Li (李雪瑩), and Kary Ng (吳雨霏) shows us how to let a statement piece stand out while keeping everything else simple, how monochromatic looks can be classy, and how to stay warm and cute in the winter. Let’s take a look now!

Katy Kung’s Textured Jacket


It depends on where you live, but having a winter coat is critical. Textured coats are very in this season and are super warm. If that isn’t enough for you, layer a thermal underneath to battle the chilly weather. For her airport look, Katy paired her textured coat with distressed jeans, another statement piece that is always welcomed for any season.

Katy’s Inspired Outfit

Textured Jacket Outfit

Products: Jacket, Jeans, Top, Shoes, Sunglasses

The faux fur coat is a statement piece on it’s own and while it’s great for warmth, it’s a piece that speaks classy for itself. It’s also a good way to incorporate a seasonal trend into an outfit but still be loyal to your regular pieces. I would definitely wear some kind of closed-toed heel instead of flats with it. Opt for a more chunky heel for comfort.

Crystal Li’s Bucket Bag


At 5’3, Crystal’s petite figure doesn’t stop her from being a fashionista. She finds comfort and style in her minimalistic pieces by pairing a stripes top with a pair of black coated jeans, one step up from the usual denim jeans. Black shoes elongates the legs for her monochromatic look, but this look is so casual yet put-together that you can wear either flats or heels and still get that sleek look. Remember, whether you choose flats or heels, stay with black.

A bun is the perfect way to get all your hair out of your face for that sleek look. Finally, Crystal’s brown bucket bag is big enough to go about herday and stands out from the black and white look.

Crystal’s Inspired Outfit

Stripes Crop Top

Products: Top, Jeans, Shoes, Bag

Kary Ng’s Chunky Scarf


Kary looks so content in her outfit that it makes me want to go out and get this getup right now! Kary’s outfits are always the easiest to replicate as she recycles a few similar pieces in her wardrobe, but always stands out with one statement piece whether that is a statement bag, lip color, etc. I’m not at all surprised with her all black look once again: black jeans and black winter coat. If you live somewhere with a hardcore winter, that chunky scarf will keep you wrapped up like a baby. But what keeps my eyes glued to her outfit is Kary’s shiny teal bucket bag. How adorable!

Kary’s Inspired Outfit

All Black Outfit - Chunky Scarf

Products: Jeans, Coat, Shoes, Scarf, Bag


What do you think? Will you wear any of these outfits?


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