Celebrities in 2016 Fashion Trends: Nancy Wu, Mavis Pan, Elena Kong


Celebrities are the best resources to look for regarding upcoming trends as their designer outfits would give hints of what’s to be popular for the upcoming year. Just like every year, 2016 has already been blessed with some wearable and practical trends and haunted by other trends that I’m not so sure of. Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Elena Kong (江美儀), and Mavis Pan (潘霜霜)’s outfits below highlight a few of 2016’s trends.

Nancy Wu’s Shoulder Cutouts


Nancy was a guest performer at the Sze You Tonight concert along with Johnson Lee and Rosina Lam the other night. At first sight, Nancy’s dress was very odd-looking. While I personally dislike asymmetrical cuts as I fail to see their purpose, the cold shoulder sleeve continues to dominate in 2016 whether you were a fan of it previously. Or not. In Nancy’s dress, the sleeve is tied to the body, which complicates things even more. While I do find the cold shoulder trend sexy, I find certain pieces tricky to wear and it doesn’t always look attractive. But hey, Elena is staring at Nancy like she thinks otherwise. 😉

Elena Kong in Vivienne Tam’s Leather Midi Skirt

ElenaKong_Vivienne Tam

Elena who attended the Palwerful Concert a few days ago was spotted wearing a black leather midi skirt with pleats. Paired with this chic, but edgy piece, she balanced it with a softer nude all-over-lace top. The fitted and mock neck style top is super on trend with what this season has to offer. Her outfit is by New York-based designer, Vivienne Tam, who also has influence in Hong Kong. Interested in other Hong Kong stars flaunting Vivienne’s designs? Linda Chung is also a recent fan.

To complete her outfit, she wore a pair of traditional black pumps although strappy heels would’ve been more fitting. Arguably, the red lip looks fine with the overall look, but there is something left to be desired for her light brown hair which doesn’t match her skin tone.

Mavis Pan’s Off-the-Shoulder Maxi


Mavis makes me look forward to summer already even though it’s only January! While the average petite girl would be drowning in all the flowy fabric, at 5’5, with heels, and with a decent body structure to carry the yellow maxi, Mavis’s off-the-shoulder and puffy sleeves dress is very on point with two of 2016’s fashion trends.

Nancy Wu’s Flared Trousers


What comes with being an A-lister actress these days is also a bolder sense of style as embodied by Nancy in her Ellery bell-bottom flared black trousers. Paired with these flamboyant sassy pants is an equally cool off-the-shoulder crop top by JH Zane. JH Zane’s brand thrives off of creating a wide range of cold shoulder tops including, off-the-shoulder, cold shoulder, and even asymmetrical cuts.

While points are always awarded for trying new trends, I see the bell-bottom flared pants as “street cleaning pants” due to the way it looks when the model is walking.

Final Thoughts

As you probably tell already, off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder cutouts will continue to be popular in 2016. It is definitely something that can be worn as much on the runway as it can be for everyday wear. If you have a nice collarbone, this is a trend that would look ultra sexy on you!

While flared pants have been making a comeback, I still think I’ll stick to my skinnies for now. Even after all these years, I’m still not ready to give up the practicality of my skinny jeans yet — and I use to be the biggest fan of flared jeans.

I have mixed feelings about pleated skirts and dresses, but will wear them minimally. While I was head-over-heels about the all-over-lace trend back in 2012 and 2013, I find it too high maintenance to wash and take care of these days. Finally, the midi skirt seems to be something to stay for a while and as been seen on countless celebrities in 2015.

What do you think?

A more comprehensive post will be coming soon regarding the best and worst trends of 2016. What are your favorite and least favorite trends of 2016? I would especially want to know your thoughts regarding flared pants and cold shoulder cutouts. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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