Myolie Wu In Gold Marchesa Wedding Dress

Myolie Wu in Marchesa Gold Sparkles Evening Dress


While Myolie has had a handful of misses in her fashion tastes, her choices are usually a huge hit for me! I put bets on the table that she wore something from her own store (in partnership with Hong Kong designer Kev), but it turns out she wears what she loves. For her beautiful wedding night with Philip Lee, she was spotted wearing a deep-plunging neckline, gold sparkles evening dress by Marchesa. Everything about this gown was gorgeous from the dress gold gradient down to the chiffon. She was certainly the queen that night!

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What do you think?

Myolie usually knows what looks great on her body and the choices that she makes are usually safe, but still with a very compelling element. This dress is no different.


One thought on “Myolie Wu In Gold Marchesa Wedding Dress

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