Hong Kong Celebrity Street Style: Bondy Chiu, Bella Lam, Christine Kuo

Feature: Celebrity Street Style gathers photos of celebrities weekly outfits from across the web to create a similar, inspired, and affordable look. Unlike runway looks, these are meant to be practical and we can see what a celebrity wears on a day off. These looks are aimed to be under $100 per outfit though that may not always be the case.


This week our celebrity street style stars are more “underground” and low-profile artists which includes Bondy Chiu (趙學而), Bella Lam (林穎彤), and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧). Let’s take a look at their unique styles and while one look may be totally for you, another look may be the last thing that fits your style type.

Bondy’s Duster Cardigan


Bondy Chiu took a very practical run on the duster cardigan trend just like how it’s suppose to be worn. Her entire outfit consisted of black leggings a Rolling Stones graphic tee and white sneakers. To contrast the all black outfit, she wore an electric blue crossbody bag that’s very similar to one by Rebecca Minkoff, one of my favorite contemporary brands. This look is so easy to replicate that I almost feel guilty for featuring it. Of course, if you are not a Rolling Stones fan, don’t lie. Wear any graphic tee to show some pop culture love, but the point here is, you can still look like the trendiest girl who just rolled out of bed.

Bondy’s Inspired Look

Rolling Stones Top and Duster Cardigan

Products: Cardigan, Top, Leggings, Shoes, Bag

Bella’s Causal Meets Girly Look


At the height of 5’4, Bella Lam still looks rather petite to me and she looks pumpkin-adorable in her orange sweatshirt. To make the look more formal, she wore a white-collared shirt to contrast with all the orangey fun. Petite girls can’t go wrong with a circle skirts, especially if they come in a stripes print. In this look, we don’t get to see what shoes she wore, but this look will look adorable with anything from oxford to ballet flats. Opt for neutral colors so the orange sweatshirt stands out on its own.

This is a very fun school girl look for petite girls.

Bella’s Inspired Look

Christine in Ted Baker Skirt


Christine’s Inspired Look

Christine Kuo disappeared behind the scenes for a while due to her weight issue. While the audience most likely didn’t have a chance to miss her acting, the pageant queen star has a body that embodies any type of dress. Despite her curves and height, Christine has quite a conservative personality and this is reflected in her choice of attire.

On this day, she came out in the beautiful Roshni pale green floral midi skirt by Ted Baker. (The Torchlit floral midi skirt is one sale for $201 right now, if you are interested!) A white crop top would’ve made this look more sexy and celebrity-appropriate, but Christine actually opted for a classic white-collared button down, which is a bit disappointing. She finished the look by slipping on some silver pointy-toed pumps.

Christine’s Inspired Look

Floral Midi Skirt - Creative Office Look

Products: Collared Shirt, Skirt, Shoes

This look is so office appropriate if you work in the creative space or if your company has a flexible dress code. The midi skirt looks especially refined on woman above 5’6 and gives a very traditional and classy look. For more petite girls, wearing pumps can make all the difference. There are also midi skirts especially for petite woman. For a night out transitional look, swap out the collared shirt for a cropped top of the same color.


What do you think of these outfits? Will you wear any of them? I would love to hear your comments!


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