3 Trends of 2015 That I Won’t Give Up in 2016


Now that 2015 have been gone for almost two weeks, I thought I’d reflect on the new pieces that I loved most from 2015. Of course, being the minimalistic girl I am, black jeans and solid colored tees and sweaters are still my go-to, but there are still fun pieces that sticks out in my closet that I will bust out when I’m more happy than usual.

1. White Sneakers

The last time I owned a pair of all white sneakers was eight years ago! I’ve seen them all around Instagram and on fashion bloggers, which finally inspired me to get a pair for myself.

In the past, I’ve only worn them with boot-cut jeans, but I’ve ventured out to wearing them with a black top and daisy skirt and it’s still super cute. I like that all white shoes in general are easy to pair with dresses even though they are a pain in the ass to keep white. They are a little heavier than low-rise Converses, but still very comfortable to walk in.

Inspired Sneakers

2. Loose Bohemian and Swing Dresses

These are, by far, the most comfortable dresses that I’ve ever worn. A couple years ago, it was common to wear dresses with a belted waist for definition. While that will always be a go-to classic, gone are those days.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat a little more and still be able to look fashionable without feeling guilty? A couple of my favorite dresses from 2015 include a soft black swing dress as well as a kimono wrap dress that I will continue to live in again once the weather warms up again. Match them with a pair of brown suede ankle booties and a floppy hat and you’ll be effortlessly fashionable.

Inspired Dresses

Boho Dresses

Products: One, Two, Three

3. Duster Cardigan

As comfortable as cardigans are, I’ve never been a fan of classic short knit cardigans mainly because they always gave me the grandma vibe. While they look awesome on a many girls, I’ve never been impressed with the way it looks on me.

When the duster cardigan trend came abroad last year, I couldn’t stop looking at the models who danced around in them. For me, it seemed like the comfortable version of a long peacoat or trench coat, but without the formality that comes with it. The duster cardigan also gives a more relaxed vibe which is easier to reach for on a daily basis.

Inspired Duster Cardigans

Duster Cardigans

Products: One, Two, Three


What were your favorite pieces from 2015 that you will continue to rock in 2016?


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