Hong Kong Celebrity Street Style: Elaine Yiu, Lydia Tong, Lynn Hung

Feature: Celebrity Street Style gathers photos of celebrities weekly outfits from across the web to create a similar, inspired, and affordable look. Unlike runway looks, these are meant to be practical and we can see what a celebrity wears on a day off. These looks are aimed to be under $100 per outfit though that may not always be the case.


This week I came across some of the most practical street style outfits from Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), Lydia Tong (唐貝詩), and Lynn Hung (熊黛林) – so easy and practical that you may already have these pieces in your closets! Simplicity is beautiful, after all.

Classically Feminine


I love the mellow shades of gray, silver, and white for Elaine’s outfit. If it wasn’t so high maintenance to throw a lace-sleeved shirt into the washer and risk it coming out ragged, I will totally get one. A white lace to easily be paired with anything from gray shorts to black jeans and a variety of pastel skater skirts. While keeping her clothes sweet and simple, she opted for silver pointy-toed heels.

Elaine’s Inspired Outfit

Lace Long Sleep TopProducts: Top, Skort, Shoes, Earrings

Street Style “Happiness” 


Lydia’s low maintenance and winter-friendly outfit is another practical go-to look of mine. While combat boots, a fur-hooded parka, jeans are all essentials we have in our closets, the piece that makes her look standout from every other girl who wears jeans and booties during the chilly winter is her H&M graphic sweatshirt that says “Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You.” Of course, it does. Why wouldn’t it?

It took me several weeks to hunt down where this sweatshirt is from and I was ecstatic when I accidentally stumbled upon it on the H&M website. Things always find you when you finally stop looking. It’s on sale for $15 right now!

Lydia’s Inspired Outfit

Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You

Products: Sweatshirt, Parka, Jeans, Boots

Simply Sleek


The classic little black dress may always be a front runner, but there is no reason why your black dress can’t have prints or patterns that describe you a bit more. Lynn’s black tribal-print A-line dress is a great and easy everyday dress that can be easily be transferrable from a day to night outfit by switching out flats with strappy heels.

Lynn’s Inspired Outfit

Tribal Print Dress

Products: Dress, Shoes, Bracelets


Which of these outfits would you wear?


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