Hong Kong Celebrity Street Style: Sammi Cheng, Ali Lee, Eliza Sam


Feature: Celebrity Street Style gathers photos of celebrities weekly outfits from across the web to create a similar, inspired, and affordable look. Unlike runway looks, these are meant to be practical and we can see what a celebrity wears on a day off. These looks are aimed to be under $100 per outfit though that may not always be the case.

This week’s celebrity street style will be featuring Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), rising actresses Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香). Sammi’s style just like herself, has always been one-of-a-kind and more independent from the masses. There is always a fun or daring twist in her outfits!

Sammi’s Yellow Whimsical Beanie


Despite being 43, Sammi acts and dresses as hip and young as ever. Sammi demonstrates that clearly, you are never too old to dress for any style. For this warm, cozy, and street appropriate outfit, Sammi layered an oversized dark coat over her a graphic sweatshirt. Her black pants blends in seamlessly with her black coat. Her loose Bohemian waves are a perfect match for this outfit, but the happiness of this look comes from her yellow happy face beanie! What a fun way to show everyone how you feel — when it’s already written on top of your forehead.

Sammi’s Inspired Outfit

Ali’s Tank Dress Over Sweater


While layering a midi tank dress over a sweater isn’t something I’ll naturally gravitate towards, Ali made me outfit reminisce of the 90’s. I’m not a huge fan of corduroy fabric as I prefer thinner fabrics, but her looks seems warm and on point. Her brown mid-calved chunky booties was a good choice as well.

Ali’s Inspired Outfit

Corduroy Dress Over Sweater


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Eliza’s Trench Coat With Sneakers


With Eliza’s charisma, there really isn’t anything that the girl can’t rock. Seen on the steps of a random street in Hong Kong, she posed in her cutest smile. Her well-cut trench coat is certainly the highlight of the show, she contrasted it with a black knit sweater on the inside. For her jeans, she opted for a more casual ankle-cut look. What’s most surprising is she wore the classic trench with runnings shoes instead of tall boots or dressier shoes. Would you? You can tell that her take on the trench coat is as serious as her bubbly personality.

Eliza’s Inspired Outfit

Trench Coat with Sneakers

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Which is your favorite outfit? Which outfit are you most likely to wear?


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