How to Dress Like Kary Ng


Kary Ng Style

If you have been following Kary’s singing career, her overall sense of style has evolved so much since her Cookies and teenage days. The style Kary rocks today (in her late 20’s) can be described as minimalistic, sporty, and edgy. It’s the ultimate minimalistic street style and something you’ll see on the streets of Europe. Aside from her wedding this year where she surprised us with a Bohemian-themed outdoor party with her loved ones, on a regular day, her wardrobe mostly comprised of neutral colors of black, white, and beige. Nothing that you can’t afford.

While a person’s style, especially a celebrity’s (with so many endorsements and options), evolve over time, this article is meant catch up on Kary’s style for the past year or so.

Key Wardrobe Pieces

Black Jeans


By now, it should be no surprise that every minimalistic girl’s wardrobe has that pair of black jeans, whether it’s skinny or flared. At 5’6, Kary has (or knows how to give the illusion of having) long and slim legs. Black skinnies are the go-to piece for her. She loves Levi’s and has appeared in promotional events for the brand.

Black Leather Jacket

For years, the leather jacket has been the simplest pick-me-up for an edgy chic style. Kary tends to like her leather jacket with a little quilted structure at the shoulders instead of something more slouchy (which I would assume is more comfortable).

Button-Down Shirts

Another very classic piece that every woman will have in their wardrobe, whether you have a minimalistic wardrobe or not. Kary is fond of neutrals, shades of blue, and stripes.



Frequently, you’ll see Kary in warm knits and sweaters. Nothing too heavy or thick, she prefers high-quality fine knits. She even has her initials embossed on one of them. She is definitely laying down ownership for that piece.

Boyfriend/Distressed Jeans

As sleek as that pair of black skinnies look on her, she also won’t think twice before she throws on a pair of casual, distressed boyfriend jeans. It’s all about that devil-may-care attitude.

Bomber Jacket


Kary can’t complete her sporty look without a bomber jacket. This one is slightly oversized. Pair with shorts for spring and summer look. And of course, she can’t forget those sunglasses if she wanted to look cool.

Chambray Shirt

When it comes to the “classic meets western” style, she makes the chambray more minimalistic than bohemian. Wear it unbuttoned with a basic white tee for a casual look. Or wear it buttoned-up and tucked into your black skinnies for a more put-together look.

Graphic Tee and Sweatshirts


Another popular street style piece: the graphic tee. Although the graphic tee might not be so popular anymore, it’s just one of those pieces that makes a statement effortlessly. When it comes to graphic tees and sweatshirts, Kary can go easy or go all out with them. Check out her all-over Star Wars sweatshirt! It’s the perfect timing when the Stars Wars: The Force Awakens is in theatre!

Red Carpet Style

Despite her everyday dark, edgy, and minimalistic style, when it comes to red carpet or special events, she makes sure you know she is sexy too! Also, she doesn’t shy away from colors, sparkles, or safe silhouettes.

For example, for this Monica Vinadaer store opening, she attended in a Victoria Beckham, orange red sparkly dress with equally hot pointy-toed heels.


Or for this Kiki Cosmetics store opening, she came dressed in an interesting geometric-themed dress by Blue Marine and Sergio Ross boots. The geometric lines are almost too controversial that made it seem like she has come from space.


Colors, Prints, and Patterns

Kary is a huge fan of neutral colors if you can’t tell already. Black, white, and beige are what you’ll see her wear the most. On a daily basis, you’ll most likely catch her in solid colors only. Unless it’s stripes, she’s not a huge fan of other patterns or prints.




It’s hard to look classy and fashionable without a hat. Especially when you’re going for the minimalistic style, it’s the accessories that make you stand out. Kary is living in paradise in her floppy hat.


Kary tends to have an affinity for small structured crossbody bags instead of large totes. She loves her YSL and Miu Miu crossbodies and seems to have a preference for chain bags if you are looking to emulate her style all the way to the moon.


Kary is most likely to be spotted in sneakers, boots, and heels the most. Her white sneakers are a easy fit and weekend go-to for her minimalistic outfits. When it comes to boots, she tends to go for black. Surprise? I think not. She’ll wear anything from over-the-knee boots to ankle boots, depending on the outfit. And which celebrity doesn’t have a fair collection of heels? Kary tends to go the road less traveled when it comes to her choice of colors and gold sparkles, but takes a much more conservative approach when it comes to the style of the heel. Pointy-toed will do.


Luckily, her hair is low maintenance. Her natural hair is long and soft. For color, it is usually either a dark or chestnut brown.



Kary’s makeup can swing to either side of the color spectrum depending on the occasion or the mood. She seems to adore the brand, Dolce and Gabbana. For the most part, she goes for the famous nude lip with a hint of glimmer. If you get on her bad side, she can bust out that dark vampy lipstick. But of course, red makes her looks the most beautiful and she’ll bust that color out when she wants to.


What do you think about Kary’s style? Right up your alley? Or you just can’t deal with all these boring neutral colors? Comment below!


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