TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Kate Tsui in “Smooth Talker”


Mo Sui-Yee’s Style

Mo Sui-Yee (Kate Tsui) may be naive when it comes to love and marriage, but her style in Smooth Talker is something worth reminiscing and taking a look at. Throughout the series, she is seen in a variety of different color skirts that she loves to pair with sweaters and cardigans with trendy details. As experimental as she is with colors, she is still conservative with the amount of skin she reveals. Her style can be summed up as: classic, feminine, and colorful. Many of her outfits are perfect for the sweet, girl-next-door type who is looking for a smooth transition from office to date night. This style is definitely more common and popular in Hong Kong than in the states, of course. But if there is anything that you have a feel for, go for it!


Let’s start off by stating the obvious: you won’t see Kate in jeans under any circumstances. You’ll wonder if she even owns a pair. That’s just how feminine she is. Also, the only time she is seen in any type of pants will be pajama pants when she’s lounging at home. She’s like, “Can’t afford to let anyone (other than family)  see me in anything less than fabulous.” (Not a direct quote btw.)

Key Wardrobe Pieces


Midi & Knee-Length Skirts

Kate’s midi skirts are the pieces that makes her stand out of the crowd. She wears in them a variety of colors from siren red, beige, white, to pale pink. Her ability to experiment with various colors in her outfits aren’t limited like her brain waves are. These skirts are long enough to be appropriate for the office, but short enough to bounce around in all day. The A-line cut, neoprene, and pleated-ness makes the skirts more dressy than your usual cotton skirts with the same silhouette will. However, Kate’s style is meant to stand out and not look effortless.

Sweaters & Soft Knit Cardigans


Most often, her midi skirts are paired with a knit top, whether they be sweaters or cardigans. As she’s a conservative (divorced) housewife, she always go for crew necks. However, her knits do have interesting and delicate embellishments such as beads splattered all over or chains hanging from her shoulders. Her sweaters and cardigans also come in variety of colors and usually coordinates or complements her skirts in one way or another.



Kate is anti-pants if you can’t tell already. She owns a number of different and crazy dresses, some solid colors and some printed. Again, she experiments with various prints, but she usually keeps it within the A-line silhouette comfort zone or a looser alternative of that.

Colors, Details, & Patterns

Smooth Talker(以和為貴) 2015 TVB

Kate’s pieces can still get very trendy even though they are basics. For example, you’ll see that her white sweaters can have chains at the oddest areas. A knit cardigan can have beads all over. A navy polo shirt can have a beaded Peter Pan collar. Or a white skirt can have mesh peaking at the bottom. Surprise? Don’t be. These intricate details spices up her outfit.




Just like her clothes, her satchels come in various colors from pink to white. She alternates them depending on the outfit. It’s a very classy and ladylike piece that is to be expected with all the dresses she dances around in.


She is very loyal to her style in terms of shoes. She doesn’t leave the house anything short of 5-inch pumps. The fun and interesting element of her pumps is the color-blocking aspect.

However, for practicality, I can’t imagine anyone running around in these 5-inch pumps. Only television can go the extremes of having a girl wear 5-inch pumps on a daily basis. Even in cultures where dressing up on a daily basis is a normal thing, I believe traditional pointy-toed heels will do the trick.


She keeps her chest-length hair straight and bangs swept to the side for the most part. She does, however, like to clip part of her hair up with a beaded snap clip the old-fashioned way.


What do you think of Mo Sui-Yee’s style? Is it your style? What aspects of her style will you alter if this is your style?


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