4 Series to Look Out For in TVB’s Sales Presentation 2016

Every year TVB’s Sales Presentation show attracts a number of sponsors as it showcases the station’s upcoming dramas for the next year. Whether it’s a drama that’s in the play of having a sequel, a series in the middle of it’s filming, or a series that’s already completed filming, TVB manages to come up with some kind of trailer. While not every series is worth mentioning, these might be next year’s biggest hits!

Check out the rest of the series clips here.

1. Brother’s Keeper II

Genre: Modern Drama
Cast: Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin, Grace Chan, Louis Yuen, Matt Yeung, Jade Leung, Hugo Ng, etc.

After the semi-success of Brother’s Keeper in 2013, TVB is milking the cash cow and Kristal’s new found popularity with the audience by creating a second installment to the show. While some claim that Grace has replaced Linda as the female lead to the show, it seems like Kristal is (and should be) the new lead for the drama. It only makes sense after her big win in Best Actress for this role.

While there leaves no room for people to miss Linda here (it’s one of my least favorite roles of hers in her entire acting career), Ruco’s presence will be much missed as he will only be returning to as a guest star. Whether his being written out of the sequel is because of a change of power in TVB’s drama department or an opportunity for new blood for the show, it’s not entirely a bad thing. There’s still left a bitter taste in my mouth on how they spun Ruco’s character in the first installment.

That said, from the preview, it does seem like a heavy drama based on the Sales Presentation clip. Aside from TV Queen Kristal and Grace Chan, who won Most Improved Actress last week, this series brings back old and missed faces like Jade Leung and Hugo Ng. In addition, filming locations will be in Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan this time. Finally, it definitely has the dynamics of what Hong Kong people enjoy in a grand production: family, money, and power.

2. You from the Meow Meow Star (aka Ghost of Relativity II)

Genre: Modern Comedy
Cast: Moses Chan, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu, Vivien Yeo, etc.

It may or may not be a coincidence that both of Kristal’s series are getting a second installment. But rest assured, this isn’t the TV station’s attempt to play favoritism (because if it was, they will replace Kristal with Grace) nor the actresses’ attempt to monopolize the small screen. With double TV Queens leading this second installment, I must admit I’m surprised by the well-received success of the first one. You wouldn’t think that the tight competition for Best Actress this year stemmed from this kind of silliness right?

Nevertheless, Suen Suk-Mui (Kristal Tin) and Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) has undeniable chemistry. With or without an educational background, academic degree, or ten years of professional experience, they both act (and pretend) to know what they’re doing in the office. That is what we call “winging it” at it’s finest. TVB pretending that this unexpected hit drama was intended, that is.

3. Na Zha vs Yang Jian

Genre: Costume Drama/ Historical Fiction
Cast: Linda Chung, Wong Cho Lam

I was surprised and slightly excited when I saw the clip for Na Zha. Wong Cho Lam’s creative stab at playing the role will definitely bring more humor and fun to the already popular fictional character. Being a fan of TVB’s Gods of Honour which dates back to 2001, there was that hint of reminisce.

At first I was confused as to why the clip only included Wong Cho Lam and Linda and not much as been revealed for the series plot. After a little research, it seems like it’ll either be a partnership series with mainland China or TVB will buy the rights to air the drama like they did for Empress of China. Either way, it seems exciting and a good decision on TVB’s side since they never seem have the beautiful outdoor locations and scenery as well as a palace that doesn’t resemble an obvious warehouse set.

Definitely expect some palatial drama as that’s the new trend.

4. Legal Strongman

Genre: Law Drama
Cast: Alex Fong, Ali Lee, Liu Kai Chi, Lau Don, Raymond Cho, Lau Don, etc.

I saved the most controversial for last. I almost expected this to be a series that TVB bought from ATV or HKTV to air. It’s first impressions reminded me of ATV’s legal drama, Men of Justice. The darkness and grittiness of the show simply isn’t in TVB’s blood to produce. It seems like it’s more than the typical TVB legal procedural drama with happy endings where the people always get their justice one way or another. Either that, or the sales presentation clip is pretending to be something it’s not.

Of the four series mentioned, this one is the most refreshing with great potential for Ali Lee who will be leading her first series already.


Which 2016 series are you looking forward to most? Comment below!


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