TV Fashion: How to Dress Like Constance Wu in “Fresh Off the Boat”


Jessica Huang Style

If you haven’t heard of the new comedy (Not really new anymore since it’s on it’s second season already), Fresh Off the Boat and Constance Wu who plays the sassy and quick-witted housewife, you pretty much live under a rock. The story takes place in a suburban neighborhood in Orlando, Florida and revolves around a Taiwanese family of six who just moved from Chinatown, D.C. The story explores how they adapt to American culture and living and the father is the proud owner of his own restaurant.

Although Constance Wu drives the show and plays the busy and stressful mother of three boys, rest assured that her style is much more laid-back than her character. Reminisce of some of my favorite 90’s styles, many of the pieces in Jessica’s wardrobe has evolved but is still trendy today. Let’s take a look.


And please don’t be mistaken or alarmed that this is the type of style we’ll be discussing in this article.


Nor this. (Haha, Merry Christmas btw.)

Now let’s get down to the real deal.

Styles and Silhouettes

Floral Dresses.


Jessica wears a number of different floral dresses throughout the episodes with slightly different colors, styles and silhouettes each time. Sometimes it’s a little bit more sexy with a sleeveless V-neck, other times it’s a shirt dress type of style. It’s a good medium of being conservative by not revealing too much skin, but enough to still display a flirty, feminine silhouette.

High-waisted 90’s-Style Jeans. While the 90’s styles have been back in season for about two years now, the 2015 take on the 90’s style is still slightly different. In 2015, the high-waisted skinny jean trend fits like glove while the 90’s high-waisted trend was more loose all around. Jessica’s style is definitely more loose. She loves to wear these jeans with a braided brown belt for fit and definition. After all, the 90’s jeans were more baggy.

Chiffon & Satin Blouses.


Very often, you’ll see Jessica going about her day in a chiffon button-down blouse. Normally, these shirts are paired with high-waisted shorts or jeans and cinched in with a belt. Her blouses come in many different patterns from solid colors like natural white to patterns like florals and stripes. Unlike wearing the traditional cotton shirt, chiffon is more loose, flowing, and overall more feminine.

Fitted Crop Tops.


If you find crop tops cute, then your style will definitely have an element of what Jessica wears. These are super cute and critically waist-defining, but it’s the high-waisted jeans’ best friend. You’ll catch Jessica wearing her crop tops with high-waisted jeans and shorts, depending on the season of the year.

Colors, Prints and Patterns

Mini Florals. Florals are probably what you’ll see her wear most of the time. Perhaps it’s just mother nature for her.

Neutrals and Colors. Jessica wears anything from neutrals to colors. You’ll less likely see her in anything outrageously bright or subtly pastel, however. She also doesn’t wear black often. She’ll wear a lot of earthy browns and beiges as well as some dark-toned browns and purples.

Accessories and Shoes

Flat Sneakers. It’s super adorable every time Jessica wears her flat sneakers. Again, as her outfits are usually casual, there is nothing more comfortable, light-weight, and easy to run errands in than flat sneakers.

Sporty Cap.


I find it difficult to look fashionable in these old-school caps, but Jessica proves me wrong. Outside picnics and neighborhood get-togethers are the best moments to wear these caps. Once again, it’s not a super trendy piece, but practical enough to protect her skin from UV rays in this episode, at least.

Sandal Wedges. You’ll see that she will usually wear her floral dresses with wedges because they’re a traditional fit together. However, while those 5-incher wedges are very popular, Jessica usually goes for something along the lines of 2-3 inches because she’s always busy going somewhere or doing something. Ain’t got time for that.

Brown Crossbody Bag. No big branded or luxury bags for this frugal housewife although Asians do have a knack for hoarding designer handbags. Ironic and surprised much? If anything, she’ll go for something practical like a brown crossbody — almost something you’ll see at Coachella or a music festival, but without the fringe and all.


Jessica always keeps her hair at shoulder length, which was also common during the 90’s. Of course, it’s suitable for a wife and mother as it’s practical and easy to take care of. Her hair varies by the episode. Sometimes, it’s straight and other times it’s slightly wavy and with more volume.


Jessica’s makeup is simple as she’s still a housewife at the end of the day. She definitely dabs on enough eyeliner for definition, but not that crazy winged eye look that’s common among Asian girls. Nothing like well-defined eyes that helps her stare down at her enemy when she’s making an argument right? For lips, she opts for a “my lips but better” (MLBB) color, which is a reddish brown color.


What do you think? Are you a loyal fan of the 90’s style? Would you wear Jessica’s style? What’s your favorite aspect of her style?


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