4 Street Style Outfits Inspired by Myolie Wu


Feature: Celebrity Street Style gathers photos of celebrities weekly outfits from across the web to create a similar, inspired, and affordable look. Unlike runway looks, these are meant to be practical and we can see what a celebrity wears on a day off. These looks are aimed to be under $100 per outfit though that may not always be the case.

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is one of those Hong Kong stars that has an experimental sense of style. Sometimes you just can’t catch what’s she going for.

Look 1: The Trench Coat Detective


Myolie put a twist on one of the most classic pieces of all time: the light beige trench coat. With her sleeves slightly rolled up, she paired her coat with a black structured handbag and red lip. The more controversial piece in her outfit were her 5-inch caged stilettos. This outfit works easily for the working woman and can be a game changer for a day to night outfit by switching off your bottoms (whether you opt for skirt or jeans) and shoes. For the day, wear a pair of pointy-toed pumps instead.

Inspired Trench Coat Look

Trench Coat Detective

Look 2: Airport On-the-Go Hero


When going through airport security and having to be trapped in an airplane for many hours to come, one would choose comfort over fashion. Even celebrities and beauty gurus remove their makeup to make themselves feel at home while traveling. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Myolie, however.

Black jeans and a matching graphic sweater, it should no surprise that her platform shoes are also black. Why not right? Because we all know the 5’8-tall actress doesn’t need a growth spurt, her choice of shoes is certainly one to make a fashion statement. While sunglasses are a celebrity staple at the airport,she is ready to take on the world with that long navy coat!

For this inspired look, I choose leggings for added comfort while flying. These days, you really can’t tell the difference between leggings, jean leggings, and what AE likes to call them, jeggings.

Inspired Airport Look

Airport On-the-Go Look

Look 3: Girl-Next-Door Chic


Perhaps the most versatile and cutest of all these everyday styles, this one can be worn for multiple occasions, whether it’s for an office that doesn’t require a uniform or traditional suits dress code to a date night out.

The elements that make up this outfit are simple: a little black dress (A-line style for a flirty look), denim biker jacket, black over-the-knee boots that hugs seamlessly to your calves, and a siren red structured crossbody bag. The balance between the flirty A-line silhouette and structured crossbody is like yin and yang — not to mention red is the perfect throw-on for a pop of color!

I adore this look and almost too inspired to go out and immediately get a red crossbody bag to complete my closet. However, as much as I love the look of OTK boots, I find them uncomfortable to be snuggled in for a long period of time. They make a great fashion accessory and/or statement for aesthetic purposes though.

Inspired Girl-Next-Door Look

Girl Next Door Look

Look 4: Sporty, Distressed, and Tomboy


Calling to all sporty and tomboys out there, this the outfit for you. For a moment, I almost didn’t know what Myolie was going for, but it came out to be something along the lines of a devil-may-care attitude where she wore a long-sleeve shirt under a larger graphic T-shirt. Nothing like a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, black Converse, and baseball cap that completes a better sporty look. Finally, the entire look once again throws you off when you see her structured tote bag.

I personally thought the tote was out of place with the rest of the outfit. The vibe was just different. While I almost thought I would throw on a backpack for this look, at the end I chose the practical, functional, and famous navy Longchamp tote.

Inspired Sporty Look

Sporty and Distressed Baseball Look


Which look would you go for? These four styles are clearly different. Is your style versatile enough that it accommodates all four?


One thought on “4 Street Style Outfits Inspired by Myolie Wu

  1. Is it me or is Myolie just becoming more gorgeous. 😍 Maybe it’s because she’s still trendy and stylish, but in a more mature and subdued way now. And she looks so HAPPY nowadays! Love the girl next door look and she looks gorgeous in that trench coat.


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