Review: TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Presentation Show 2015 Winners!


Although this year’s anniversary generated little buzz and competition, it was also a year where I expected, hoped, and believed it was Ruco’s best time for Best Actor for several reasons. Aside from already having won Best Actor twice in Singapore and Malaysia, Ruco is the only ‘TVB brother’ in an anniversary series with a commanding role worthy of winning — and that hasn’t been a recipient of the award. Being a three-time winner of TVB’s Best Actor, I wasn’t afraid that Wayne will be competition to Ruco. While there is definitely buzz that Anthony is a worthy contender, I also set him to the sideline thinking that he wouldn’t win as he’s not under TVB management.

TVB definitely proves us wrong and are probably trying to save their reputation by being more fair and transparent in their awards. This also happened when Dayo won for Best Actor even when he didn’t even attend the awards. I should be happy that their system isn’t as rigged as it use to seem, but at the same time feel ambivalent because I feel Ruco was jipped once again. Remember the days when Aimee and Kate won Most Improved? Or how about when Kevin won Best Actor in 2006?

The conclusion of this year’s anniversary awards proves that Captain of Destiny succeeded in promoting two rising stars, Grace and Tony. While Captain still had the most winners this year with Grace, Tony, and Ruco leaving with a plaque in their hands, it’s clear that Lord of Shanghai emerged as the last-minute biggest winner of the night. It turned Wai Ka Hung from someone we barely pay attention to to the winner with the greatest standing ovation during the Best Supporting Actor segment. Anthony’s win as Best Actor and Lord of Shanghai as Best Series also solidified the series’ standing, with those awards carrying more weight than My Most Popular Artist.


Most Improved Actress – Grace Chan (陳凱琳)

There was no surprise in her win though I’m surprised that Tracy didn’t even attend the awards ceremony. Now that she’s pursuing a Masters at a local HK university, I hope this doesn’t mean she’s not taking her acting career just as its taking off this year. Grace’s thank you speech was graceful like she always is, which makes it hard to dislike her even though everyone else whose nominated deserves it more than she does – except for Rebecca that is. Sometimes TVB gives this award to someone who really deserves it and other times it’s to whoever they are promoting the most; this year it happens to be the latter.


Most Improved Actor – Tony Hung (洪永城)

Another no-brainer. While Matt and Benjamin have been with the company for longer, it’s clear that Tony is already more popular. I’m happy enough that Benjamin has received his first lead role this year. Tony did, however, deliver the most powerful thank you speech of the night when he said, “Thank you to my brother, Ruco, who taught me how to act. The brother that I both love and hate. I wish you win Best Actor tonight.” I always love some drama reference thrown in there, especially when there were rumors that the two didn’t get along. Now we know that’s bullshit.


Best Supporting Actress – Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) |Raising the Bar (四個女仔三個BAR)

I was really hoping she didn’t win even though this wasn’t a surprise for some. Elaine won Best Supporting Actor in Malaysia a couple weeks ago though I really wished she didn’t win. This was the most disappointing win that night as both of Elaine’s roles this year were very depressing to watch. When Elaine thanked the producer for casting her in this role and seeing another side of her, that really made me wonder… What side was that? Can anyone shed some light into this one?


Best Supporting Actor – Willie Wai Ka-Hung (韋家雄) | Lord of Shanghai (梟雄)

I have to reveal that I have no interest in watching Lord so I can’t comment on his performance, but the standing ovation that he received probably spoke for itself. I’m always happy for unknown supporting actors who receive this award as it gives everyone hope that their performance will one day be awarded.


My Favorite Female Character – Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) | Ghost of Relativity (鬼同你OT)

Kristal was hilarious that night and it was so happy to see that she can win with such a carefree and “been there won that” kind of attitude. The most coincidental part that even she mentioned was that she’s able to present the Best Actor award to Anthony, whom presented the Best Actress award to her two years ago.


My Favorite Male Character – Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) | Captain of Destiny (張保仔)

I can still remember Ruco’s grim face when it was announced he won (Poor thing, I get it.) Often times, this means Best Actor will go to someone else and tonight, it was one of those situations. Still, Ruco gave his all and delivered a very mature thank-you speech.


Best Actress – Nancy Wu (胡定欣) | Ghost of Relativity (鬼同你OT)

There was skeptical talk about Nancy winning, whether she deserved it or not and should she win for a lame comedy like Ghost? The best part about Ghost both onscreen and offscreen is Nancy and Kristal’s chemistry that made the series memorable and how they supported each other as the awards season came about. Suddenly, their double Best Actress win in Malaysia isn’t so ridiculous anymore.

Nancy is definitely one of the Best Actresses award recipient who has room for improvement, but I’m relieved that TVB didn’t give it to Liza who has already had many ups in her acting career and this award will just be more icing on the cake. For Nancy, this can be a form of encouragement. While Nancy’s acting career has been a slowly progressing one through her 12 years with TVB, she has been lucky enough to be rewarded at each stage of her career, having won Most Improved in 2008 and Best Supporting in 2012.


Best Actor – Anthony Wong (黃秋生) | Lord of Shanghai (梟雄)

Not sure what to say about this one other than “Congratulations.”

Other Awards and Notable Winners

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award – Natalis Chan (陳百祥)
  2. Best Series – Lord of Shanghai (梟雄)
  3. Most Popular Original Song – “The Secret of Tears” (眼淚的秘密) by Jinny Ng (Empress of China)
  4. Most Popular Classic Drama – Greed of Man (大時代)
  5. Best Variety Show or Special Programme – Dodo Goes Shopping
  6. Best Informative Programme – Big Big World 2
  7. Best Host – Liza Wang

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