Styles for Petite Girls: 3 Outfits Inspired by Katy Kung


Although Hong Kong C-lister actress, Katy Kung (龚嘉欣) might not be the first person to come to mind when we seek celebrity style inspiration, she runs about with her sporty and minimalistic street styles just like she does in many of the little sister roles she plays onscreen. In these three outfits, while she maintains mainly monotone and neutral colors, we can see that she has a sunshine and happier moments as well as a mature side.

Miss Sunshine Retro

1. Miss Sunshine

The happiest of the three outfits, you can definitely from her beaming in pride. Her navy perforated A-line skirt reminds me of those school day uniforms. She decided to pair it with an old-school polka dot blouse. (I personally would opt for a white blouse or basic tee for ease and comfort.) My favorite component of the outfit other than her bright smile is definitely the oversized, warm yellow cardigan that goes seemingly too well with that turquoise scarf.

This is a perfect outfit for a coffee date out on the patio. Also, it would look ultra cute to go bike riding in.

Sporty Chic

2. Sporty Chic

I absolutely dig her velvet (or suede) button-down skirt, which is really in this season and the highlight of her outfit. They come in many colors, but my pick is definitely the brown suede one. Basics never go out of style so she threw on a white scoop neck tank top and nautical striped thin cardigan. Katy went for even more comfort on her toes by slipping on a pair of sporty sneakers.

This is a good weekend outfit while running errands.

Gray Wisdom

3. Gray Wisdom

Perhaps the most realistic everyday outfit for many college girls, the finally outfit makes her look absolutely down-to-earth and with the rest of us. I’m not afraid to admit that I wear a similar outfit (minus the bag) at least once a week. Pairing white skinnies with black sneakers elongates the leg plus the white platform on her sneakers gives her both added height and an extra layer of comfort. Meanwhile, she looks very content in her gray boyfriend cardigan. To add some subtle color to an all neutral outfit, she chose a light blue saddle crossbody bag.


Which outfit is your favorite and most your style? Would you wear any of these styles?


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