3 Backpacks for Fashionable Young Women


While purses and handbags are very feminine and comes in all sizes, sometimes it’s about the practicality and school girl days we’ll like to reminisce every once in a while. However, now that you’re an young adult, it’s time for a bolder, more fashionable statement. While we all loved our practical and inexpensive Jansport or Everest backpack, it also lacks personality. There have been a few brands who have been doing it right.


1. Everlane Modern Zip Backpack – $58 to $68

Advantages: Everlane’s Modern Zip Backpack really lives up to its name of being one of the most modern looking backpack. It’s the perfect fit for someone with the minimalistic style as their colors come in a variety of neutral colors including black, navy, olive, and gray. My favorite component of the backpack is it’s sectioned out laptop compartment for your Macbook. This backpack also comes in two sizes, mini an large. Finally, The brand is also not afraid to be transparent about their labor and material costs to make the item.

Disadvantages: The only downfall to such a sleek look is the twill fabric. Since I’ve done quite a bit of research online before purchasing the backpack, I was disappointed to realize that the fabric is really attractive to dust and small particles. It’s not a problem that can’t be solved, however. If you used a lint roller or even scotch tape, it can be removed. However, for $70+, that was too high maintenance for me to do on a weekly basis. I’ve seen others around with the Twill Snap Backpack, but don’t see them with a similar issue.


2. Rebecca Minkoff ‘MAB’ Backpack – $198

Advantages: As one of the the most popular and affordable contemporary brands, this backpack has Minkoff’s signature clasp on the front just like their crossbody bags. The soft, durable, and practical backpack from their Active and Swim Line is perfect for the sporty girl. I was in the market for a leather backpack for everyday wear, but quickly fell in love with the nylon version of it as it’s easier to clean off.

Disadvantages: I can’t possibly see any disadvantages to this backpack other than I wished it had a laptop compartment inside and two outer water bottle holders. The price can be a little up there if you aren’t looking to invest.


3. Michael Kors Rhea Small Studded Leather Backpack – $268

Advantages: Rhea definitely screams edginess for it’s studded bottom and gold zipper details. It comes in four different colors (black, navy, pale blue, and nude beige) and is born for the street style girl. Choose any color and all eyes will be on you. It has three compartments and while it’s less of a school bag (unless you like to hold your books), it’s a great alternative to a heavy purse. The leather is also oh-so-soft!

Disadvantages: It’s slightly on the more expensive side, especially for it’s small size.



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