Insights: Why These Should Be the Winners at TVB’s 48th Anniversary Awards Show


Best Actor – Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

No one deserves to be Best Actor more than Ruco Chan. Even though Wayne, Moses, and Anthony think that they deserve for just being in a drama or because they are some big brother, they need to think again. Remember when you had to increase Ruco’s screen time because you were afraid that Tony was too raw at the time to carry the drama as the only male lead? Well, Man-Ho who was strong, righteous, and commanding is just like the actor himself. In terms of seniority (minus the artists who have had a taste of this award), performance, and character, who can top Ruco?

TVB, don’t forget that Anthony said he won’t film another TVB drama after Lord of Shanghai even if he gets the award. No bribes.


Best Actress – Liza Wang (Limelight Years)

Just because there is no one else. Nancy is her only competition if Liza isn’t going to win it for a second (or is it a third) time?

My Favorite Male Character – Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)
Runner ups – Tony Hung (Captain of Destiny); Kevin Cheng (Eye in the Sky)

This one is indeed more difficult as there were indeed a few interesting onscreen characters this year that caught my attention. While I love an ambitious, commanding, and brave Man-Ho, I equally found Tony’s Po Chai funny, sweet, and adorable. Funny that the onscreen brothers are on complete opposite of the spectrum. I almost forgot about this last one, but something in me always falls for the cool and calm detective. Kevin is a pro at them. Remember when he pulled out his mobile phone to play Sudoku right after nailing down a culprit in the alley? Seriously, who does that?

I’d be happy whoever takes home this. It’s either a double win for Ruco or split with his brother, Tony. I doubt the two-time TV King, Kevin, cares.


Favorite Female Character – Grace Chan (Captain of Destiny)
Runner-up – Priscilla Wong (Madam Cutie)

I have a feeling I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but I have a soft side for my ancient heroines. Even though she went back in time and Anthony Wong called her out for her wide-eyed acting, this is a good opportunity for her to hone her acting skills as ancient-themed series are more challenging. I like Priscilla and Grace for the same reasons: their courage and sassiness!


Best Supporting Actor – Joel Chan (Captain of Destiny)
Runner up – William Chak (Limelight Years)

It is a tight running between Joel and William for me, Captain is still fresh in my mind and Joel’s shrewdness made the series so much more delightful to watch. In time, William will become a solid supporting sidekick (very natural acting among the newer guys), but Joel has more experience.


Best Supporting Actress – Samantha Ko (Eye in the Sky)

Since there aren’t really any really runners for this year’s awards show, it’s not too surprising to see Samantha’s name on here right? While we can easily slam in another veteran actress, like Elena or Nancy, I think Samantha has demonstrated that she can play a solid supporting actress as Tavia’s sidekick in Eye.


Most Improved Male – Tony Hung

He was one of those actors who was nominated for three categories – much like Kevin when he won his first Best Actor award. In terms of promotion and opportunity, Tony isn’t short of any despite his average looks. In terms of luck and timing, he came in when TVB has a shortage of talent. And while he’s not another Ruco Chan, he’ll find his success in his comedic niche. The award is his!


Most Improved Female – Tracy Chu
Runner ups – Rosina Lam, Jacqueline Wong, Grace Chan

The running is tight for this one mainly because everyone has a reason to get it! My personal favorite is definitely Tracy (just look at that screenshot above, ha!). Even though The Fixer is only her second or third drama with TVB, there is something so fun about her energy. Surprisingly, Rosina (who had a lot of criticism early on) was said to outshine Tavia in Momentary Lapse of Reason. I can’t vouch for her having not seen the series. Jacqueline has a natural cuteness to her in With or Without You. Think, the way she combs her straight bangs with her four fingers. Now, Grace has the biggest chance of winning and will probably snatch the award that night. Not only has she expressed interest in the award, but she is the lead in two series (one of which is anniversary) this year. In terms of screen time, exposure, and promotion, she is way ahead of the league that she’s playing a different sport.

Most Popular Classic Drama – Triumph in the Skies; Greed of Man

Is this the new replacement for Best Series? Who cares, the idea is lame anyway.

It seems like Captain of Destiny is hoarding all the awards, but it’s your best bet. Do you agree or disagree with the choices?


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