Runway Look for Less: Nancy Wu in YolanCris’s Romantic Lace Dress

As the holidays are here, we all want to dress fabulous for the parties and family get togethers we’re attending. One can easily feel inspired by YolanCris’s Spring/Summer 2016 Pret-a-Couture collection that Nancy Wu (胡定欣) wore during TVB’s 48th Anniversary Gala celebration. While her dress definitely gives a more summer vibe, romantic vibes should be floating around all year long. While her dress is definitely glamorous, the simplified version of this look calls for two main pieces: a lace cropped top and multicolor floral skirt. This allows more options for endless wardrobe creations. Find below an inspired everyday version of this romantic lace dress:


Get the Look!

Top Option 1: Forever 21 Lace Racerback Crop Top – $14.90

Top Option 2: Forever 21 Mesh-Paneled Lace Crop Top – $17.90

Skirt: Kohl’s Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Floral Scuba Skirt (in Whisper Pink) – $16.20 (on sale now!)

Accessories: Nancy’s jewelry that night was sponsored by Luk Fok Jewelry that evening, but not all of us are blessed with sponsorships like that. Her jewelry was simplistic enough, which included a pair of diamond earrings and a ring.

Shoes: While we are unable to see what shoes she was wearing that night, it is safe to say that it’s some form of a 5-inch platform. My personal pick for this outfit reformation would be a classic, pointy nude heel or gold, strappy heel sandals. Keep the colors of this outfit light and easy while our stomachs are full from all the holiday food.


Makeup: Keep the makeup full, but classic. Although parties are the time to rock the red lip, you want to keep the look soft with a nude lip. A little winged eyeliner is always standard for the Asian eye.

Hair: Although her hair is pulled back into a bun, you can tell from her bangs are a little wavy. Her pulled-back bun makes her look sophisticated while the loose bangs shows that she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Finally, this look is the perfect Valentine Day’s date outfit look. It’s when classic meets feminine that makes love timeless. What do you think?


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