Red Carpet: Singapore’s StarHub TVB Awards 2015

I’m a few weeks to making this post as the StarHub TVB Awards were held in Singapore on October 24. Winning My Favorite TVB Actor two years in a row, Ruco’s popularity is still at the top. It’s certainly a well-deserved win with the results being generated by 70% online fan voting and only 30% by professional judges. We all know how skewed the latter can be, maybe not for the StarHub Awards, but there is always some form of TVB politics in play when it comes to end-of-the-year performance awards.

Other notable and well-deserved winners were Tracy Chu who won Most Improved TVB Artist. Did anyone else adore her as much as I did in The Fixer? She rocked the show with her sassiness and wits. Only if she appeared sooner… Real life couple Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu’s win for My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple was another well-deserved winner. Although I enjoyed their onscreen bantering way back in the beginning of the year, I remember little of it now. Of course, new female talent, Grace Chan brought home Best New TVB Artist. She is the latest talk of town if you haven’t heard yet. Finally, “The Truth” won My Favorite TVB Themesong, which was sang by Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu in Eye in the Sky. While this song is still on my playlist after nine months, I also have Captain of Destiny‘s theme by Fred Cheng stuck in my head.

Now let’s take a look at the fashion!


While it’s almost impossible that Ruco Chan can look horrible in any style of attire with his tall and fit stature, his fashion stylist once again disappoints by letting him swim in these baggy dress pants. The printed red tie and floral collar is really nothing to be desired. While I cannot confirm this by just looking at the photo, the velvet texture of his tux is also unnecessary. In short, this outfit aged him. Thank goodness that his handsome smile and well-groomed hair came in and saved the day.

Grace Chan’s choice of attire was very much like what Eliza would pick for a red carpet event. Wearing a low-cut pale blue princess gown, the colors of the dress can easily wash her out if it wasn’t for her bright lip and smile. Her beaded headpiece also added a Bohemian vibe to her whole look, which I happen to dig very much.

If Grace’s outfit doesn’t impress you, it really gets worse from here on. Just wait for it…


Although Wayne Lai didn’t win My Favorite TVB Actor that night, he was still beaming in his metal-studded black suit. While the diagonal studs going across his entire look was a tad bit weird, Wayne’s outfit was tidy and clean-cut for the most part.

Tavia Yeung’s white nearly ostrich-like white beaded chiffon dress appeared more flattering in some photos than others. But really, the design of the dress is simply awkward. While her silver glitter pumps matched well with the color of her dress, brushing her hair back in a bun once again made the actress look older than she is.


Moses Chan was smart and opted for a classic black tuxedo with patent leather dress shoes. Almost a little too safe, but compared to the other choices, you’re going to be glad he made that decision.

Linda Chung’s black low-cut lace dress is the beginning of the nightmare of all dresses for that evening. Although I can’t imagine Linda’s gown looking good on anyone, the dress itself first and foremost made her look like she was on maternity leave. Her red lip may look classic and her hair looks lazily done. You know Linda definitely wasn’t up for a battle for any awards that night…


Just like Moses, Tony Hung opted for a safe and simple tux that evening. Instead of the more dressed up bow tie Moses picked out, Tony simply wore a tie.

While cutouts have been really in the last few seasons, I quickly grew annoyed by the random cutouts at odd parts of your body. When done right, they can give off a sexy feel. Priscilla Wong still looks as sweet as ever with her girl-next-door look (which she clearly stole away from Linda that night) despite the elbow cutouts and one-sleeve dress she strolled around in. I guess that’s appropriate attire when we’re still transitioning from summer to fall and it’s still warm and slightly chilly out. Thankfully, the dress did give her some shape, but her hair looked too natural for a red carpet evening.


Louis Cheung was probably one of the most extravagantly dressed males of that evening. Surprised? Not with his sense of humor and outgoing personality. Instead of the classic black tux that every men opted for that evening, he choose a harsh gray metal colored one. While it was difficult to understand what kind of vibe he was trying to elude, the outfit didn’t look as crazy on him as you’d expect.

While I’ve heard heaps of praises for Rosina Lam’s acting this year, most notably in Momentary Lapse of Reason, she is still yet to be remembered for anything she throws herself in. Her black low-cut dress with gold chain prints was almost outrageous. It is less of her choice of style that is at fault, but more of the designer who came up with it in the first place.


Although the gold gradient sliding down the Edwin Siu’s black tux was a bit odd, he was still more put together than his onscreen brother, Ruco.

It is no surprise when Eliza Sam showed up in a peach-colored chiffon princess gown. She is as charismatic and youthful as ever despite being 30. While I’m slightly feeling more towards Grace’s princess gown for the night, Eliza made the right and safe choice for a pastel-colored dress and happy coral lip.


At 51 years old, Lawrence Ng still looks as youthful and handsome as ever. I love how clean he looks in his tux and his choice of a bow was more tasteful than Moses’s.

Our sweet Selena Li made the same mistake as Linda that evening. While the low-cut top of her dress and peek-a-boo chiffon on her legs were sexy, the black lace was too harsh.

What do you think of that night’s gowns? Who was your favorite?


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