Series Recap: Lady Sour Episode 1-5 (TVB, 2014)

These days, I don’t have time to follow upcoming TVB series as much as I use to, but I gave this one a try because I was looking for something lighthearted, away from the heavy, pain-inducing drama, Overachievers.


The series starts of with the duo mother and daughter relationship of Gigi Wong and Myolie Wu pretends to be skincare specialists cheating people of their money while going from town to town. The two finally decides to settle down when Myolie falls in love at first sight with wealthy third-generation, Him Law. After hurdling through a few obstacles and obtaining the approval of Him’s demanding grandmother, the finally gets married. Eliza Sam stars as Him’s loyal maid servant and disguises herself as a male. Ron Ng becomes good friends with Myolie after she helps him resolve his skin issues, which is another sub-story. Alice Chan stars as Him’s snobby aunt who is still single. Koo Ming Wah plays Him’s father who can be up with Alice on her schemes, but still a reasonable guy who wants the best for his family.

I really miss seeing Myolie in a good comedy and this one has been decent so far. Given that she is one of the few talented female comedy actress in TVB, we can’t really be too picky. Even though Myolie is five years Him’s senior, this pair is much more entertaining to see than Myolie and Ron. It seems like Him will develop feelings for his maid, Eliza (Weird, how they never ignited after all the years they spent growing up.), leading Myolie to become jealous, and thus the name Lady Sour.

Ron is right when he said he is prepared for any criticism on his exaggerated acting. I can’t remember the last time he starred in a comedy (Maybe in his early career days?), but comedies are definitely not his strong suit. He delivers his lines way too deliberate.

This is Him and Eliza’s first ancient drama and so far, they are doing well. According to Eliza, she claims to have hired a translator to translate her lines into pinyin as she was unfamiliar with many Chinese proverbs. Her charisma covers the inadequacy. Again, Eliza critics may argue that she is typecasted into the cutesy roles. Him, on the other hand, hasn’t had a memorable work in a while, but being in a comedy brings out the refreshing side of him that I first saw and liked in D.I.E. Again.

I’m surprised to see Alice in something other than a vixen-like or businesswoman-type of character. As snobby and talkative as she is here, she’s still more pleasant to watch. Sometimes she can be funny, other times, she can be less stiff. One thing for sure is, the actress maintains her youthful looks very well. She easily looks a decade younger than she really is.

Veteran actress, Gigi Wong is hilarious as usual and I especially found her nickname “Cho Cho Bai” suitable of her personality. There isn’t much known of Jade Leung as of now other than the fact that she’s Ron’s sister and have had three deceased husbands.


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