Series Recap: Overachievers Episode 11-25 (TVB, 2014)

I’ve been a little busy and didn’t get to post my commentary for the last 15 episodes so instead of doing it in increments of 5 episodes, I’m doing it all in one post.


In the last 15 episodes, a whirlwind of events have taken place. I love dramas that has a large and grand cast, but at the same time, I feel like the story moves so fast here that it’s hard to be develop any character, let alone root for them.

It is now understood that Raymond Wong will emerge as the ultimate villain for the drama. Among the list of evil deeds he has already committed, though ambiguous and fills a gray area of him, makes his character extremely questionable. I don’t know why I didn’t see the villain emerging in him since he betrayed Wayne twice within the first ten episodes and now it was discovered that he murdered his father and Grace’s ex-boyfriend. While he has the sympathy of viewers for defending his mother and protecting himself, the second situation is a little more tricky. Plus following his death, Raymond allowed Grace to accept full responsibility for her ex’s death, making an innocent girl extremely guilty and psychologically torn. In the final upcoming episodes, it seems like we will see him seduce Elliot’s young wife, Wayne discover that not only one, but both Raymond’s were involved in Jason’s death, and Raymond W. revealing his revenge plan on the Chiang elite family.

Wayne/ Maggie/ Becky
I don’t know how I feel about the Wayne and Maggie relationship, but they had a past together, which only makes their relationship more stable now. I personally didn’t like the plot twist of Fred being Wayne’s son and then later discovered, he wasn’t. The twist was unnecessary. Wayne and Maggie can be silly couple sometimes, but after 25 episodes, it feels like Maggie’s character is unnecessary and haven’t add much value to the plot. Becky’s addition to the plot was also lame; did I miss it, or did she not even explain why she wants to reconcile her marriage?

Raymond Wong/ Nancy/ Grace/ Power
Raymond and Nancy’s love story is either one of the most sad or most pathetic stories in TVB history. But it’s certainly an intoxicating one where neither parties benefitted from it. Raymond has just been a letdown from the beginning because he was the commitment-phobic type (or at least, not at that time when he is going through complicated issues in his life). I sympathized with Nancy in the first ten episodes having seen her go through a depressive phase for someone who didn’t have her interests at heart. What I couldn’t understand is that after the one year gap and having celebrated their separation together, she still allowed him back into her life. Knowing Raymond’s past, I find it hard to ship him with any woman, not even Grace, despite their physical compatibility. Power and Nancy, on the other hand, are such a silly and cute couple. I respect Nancy for leaving Raymond calmly the second time, drove away with freedom, and when she approached him again, she wanted her skincare products back more than her ex! “I did think of you, but I didn’t cry.” Oh burn, Raymond.

Edwin/ Sisley/ Toby
I can’t really understand Edwin much. Being one of the few characters on the show to have some humor, he is quite complicated as well. It’s hard to have respect for him when he’s preparing to be a father, but asks Sisley to wander the streets (and having a miscarriage as a result) so he can have a romantic night with Toby. I understand that he and Sisley didn’t have the romance he might share with Toby, but having a pregnant woman to work around your romantic dates with another woman just isn’t gentleman. He could’ve easily gotten a hotel room. I applaud Sisley for not recognizing him after she became famous, whether it’s intentional or not.

Raymond Cho/ Yoyo
Raymond keeps wavering between the good and the bad in here. Being the least favored son of Elliot’s, but a loyal brother to Wayne, he has always made the worst decisions with good intentions. He regained some likability when he stood up and walked out against his father; even Yoyo applauded him for his manliness. Then, in another turn around, he sent in Jason’s private videos to the press, indirectly leading to his death. I especially dislike the numerous arguments and distrust between Raymond and Yoyo; Yoyo seems like the kind of wife who is only there with him for the good times and constantly scolds him for bad times. Not much a real partnership exist there.

I expect the final episodes to move just as fast as the first 25. I’m personally not a huge fan of this drama and it’s a huge disappointment for an anniversary series due to the unrealistic plot and the unnecessary amount of pain it has inflicted in all it’s characters.


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